10 Important Health Issues That Men Generally Ignore

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10 Important Health Issues That Men Generally Ignore

10 Important Health Issues That Men Generally Ignore

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Its okay or I am fine is the answer when men are questioned if they have any health issues. Men usually do not talk about the health concerns and have an attitude of keeping it to them. 

This takes on the health of a man in the long term and it is also one of the reasons why men have a less life span than women. So, talking about health issues benefits you in the long term.

Men usually think they are in good health and avoid going to the health care provider for necessary check-up. However the fact is that men need to have routine health examinations as there may be a potential health risk that interferes with other health issues.

10 most common male health issues are-

Erectile dysfunction or ED

Any problem in the erectile function of the penis might indicate some serious underlying health conditions. It is common in men not to talk about it or even think that they have a problem of erectile dysfunction. If there is an erection problem in the penis it is mainly because of the insufficient blood supply or nerve damage. You are more likely to have heart disease or diabetes. There is a probability of heart attack in the next couple of years if you have problems in erection of penis.

ED being a major risk factor of serious diseases must be evaluated and treated on time.

Problem in sleeping

Disturbance in sleep affects the overall health of a person. The work pressure, family stress, financial problems etc makes you difficult to fall asleep and this can lead to stress, depression and sleep disorder and all these affects the overall health and sexual health of a man.

Obesity Or Weight Gain

Excess weight gain is associated with a wide range of health issues. Men are comfortable to talk about the concerning health issues but not about sexual problems and weight gain is linked with sexual disorders in men. 

If you are one of those who are overweight or obese or gaining excess weight then it is time to seek help and manage your weight to prevent the problems such as sexual dysfunctions. 

Issues Related To Urine

There might be an underlying cause if you have trouble in passing urine or there is presence of blood in urine or semen. Along with it if there is a problem in erectile function there might be prostate cancer or a problem related to prostate.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Routine check-up helps in early diagnosis and early treatment.

Swelling In The Testicles

A painless mass formation in the testes signifies testicular cancer which may be associated with swelling in the testes or pain in the scrotum etc. It is a treatable cause only when you seek help from the health care provider. If diagnosed on time the problem can be cured.

Infection in the genital area

Infection in the genital areas can cause problems related to penis and might spread the infection to the partner as well. 

Hence ignoring such problems puts you and your partner in risk whereas seeking help cures the problem and related issues.


Infertility is a condition when there is abnormal functioning of the reproductive organs and the man is not able to impregnate his partner.

Male infertility is an ignored subject because of the belief that infertility is a major concern related to women. Because of the social stigma men tend to ignore infertility issues.

Infertility in men might occur due to problems in sperm parameters or due to sexual disorders.

Premature Ejaculation

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress etc and sexual problems related to erectile function causes premature or delayed ejaculation.

Instead of keeping the problem to yourself and making the treatment difficult it is always recommended to speak about it to the health care experts and get rid of the problem.

Pain in Chest

Chest pain may signify heart disease. Men are commonly found to be obese or overweight. The fat deposits are mainly around the abdomen and this makes a man vulnerable to heart diseases. 

Consumption of alcohol is more in men and this leads to increase in blood pressure, negatively affects the heart muscles and promotes weight gain.

Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure

It is a common disease that is usually ignored. Chronic hypertension causes heart disease, kidney related problems and sexual disorders in men.

Ignoring it leads to serious health risks that include the sexual activity in men. And men often refuse to talk about sexual problems until the problem calls attention for.

It is important to keep your body fit to enjoy all the aspects of life. It is important to have a healthy mind and healthy body for a healthy sexual life with your partner. 

Unhealthy foods and poor lifestyle are the root cause of all the diseases including the sexual functions as well. Healthy sexual life is one of the important parts of marriage life hence it becomes utmost important for men to come out with their problems.

Statistically men are known to suffer more health issues than women, have life span less than women and men are more prone to heart diseases when compared to women.

The stats can be changed by talking to someone or seeking help from the health care professionals. It always works for the betterment of overall health and for a happy married life as well.


Men think that ignoring the health issues and not taking measures is part of masculinity. Ignoring the health problems and delaying the treatment can affect you and your loved ones around. So better late than never, keeping your health at its best makes your life beautiful and also keeps you and your partner happy.

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