After pregnancy sex is good or bad?

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After pregnancy sex is good or bad?

After pregnancy sex is good or bad?

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After delivering a baby the body is still in pain, there are hormonal changes, changes in body shape, etc. With all such changes, sex is the last thing you can think about. But this feeling is temporary as it may take some time to connect with your partner and also heal from the pain. 

After pregnancy sex is good or not, depends on the severity of laceration and how extensive the cut is. It is recommended to avoid sex for 6-8 weeks as the body needs time to heal. 

Why you may not consider sex after pregnancy

You may not think of having sex after pregnancy in both vaginal birth and C-section for at least couple of weeks. 

Hormonal disturbance

The body has just delivered a baby, the hormones may affect the vaginal elasticity. The level of estrogen (reproductive hormone) hormone drops after childbirth and the level remain low during breastfeeding. Due to hormonal imbalance, there may be symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and pain.

Lack of sleep

Being a mother takes a toll on your sleep pattern. There is a change in the timings between the partners and this can surely not make you think of sex. Breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin and this suppresses your sexual desire. 

Postpartum depression

Some women undergo depression and anxiety after the delivery of a baby. This suppresses the libido.

Perineal tear or vaginal tear

The tear around the vagina occurs when the head of the baby comes out. Depending on the tear some may need stitches and it takes time to recover from it. 

Postpartum pain or pain after delivery

Vaginal birth can leave your genital area in pain and this may take a couple of weeks to heal. You may feel menstrual cramps as the uterus returns to its normal shape and size. When the body is under such discomfort, sex can no way pop into the mind.

Complications that may occur with sex after pregnancy

Sexual intercourse after pregnancy can cause tears in the incision and may cause infection in the uterus. It is important to consult a doctor and talk to your partner before thinking of sexual intercourse. 

Things that you must consider before having sex after pregnancy

Given below are some of the things to be considered before trying sex after pregnancy –

  • Are you emotionally ready
  • Know if your partner wants to have sex
  • Do not try to rush for having sex
  • Look for the changes in body parts
  • Type of delivery you had (vaginal or C-section)

Conclusion Various ways can help you recover soon. You can try methods that can strengthen the pelvic muscles. There are many who do not know if sex after pregnancy is good or bad and this confusion may affect the physical health of the woman. But some women may recover soon and enjoy happy and healthy sex life after pregnancy.

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