Can eating soya affect a man’s sexual health?

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Can eating soya affect a man’s sexual health?

Can eating soya affect a man’s sexual health?

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The question, “if eating soya can affect a man’s sexual health?” is not new.

Soya word comes from soybeans. Soya beans are generally consumed in the form of soy milk, soy chunks, etc. It is rich in nutrients and is beneficial for problems related to blood pressure, the heart and is beneficial to manage menopause symptoms, and is also known to risk certain types of cancer. 

Some people are little conscious when it comes to eating soy. There is a belief that eating too much soya may increase the chances of breast cancer, affect a man’s sexual health, or may affect the function of the thyroid.  

Soy contains isoflavones which change into phytoestrogens which is similar to the hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogens have the same structure as that estrogen (female sex hormones). At times phytoestrogens show the same effect as that of estrogen or it may nullify the effect of estrogen. This is the reason why the question “can eating soya affect man’s sexual health?” arises.

Some of the common doubts of the effect of soya on the sexual health of men are –

Feminizing men

Some people think that phytoestrogen in men and estrogen hormone act in the same way. As a result, it may develop breast in males. However, the research done proves that soya has no such effect on males and hence does not feminize men.

Sexual dysfunction

There is a belief that phytoestrogens in soya cause sexual problems in males. This does not hold any truth. Studies have shown that soybeans do not cause erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems in males.

Male infertility

Soybeans are rich in nutrients and protein but the food is controversial for its impact on male hormones. Isoflavones in soy do not affect reproductive hormones (testosterone) in men. It does not affect the quality and quantity of sperms. So, soya does not cause infertility in males.

Should men avoid eating soy products?

No, you need not avoid soy products and there is no need to scrap soy from the kitchen. Instead eating soy in moderation is always the best option. As excess of anything can always cause harm. Consult s dietician before deciding the amount of soy you can consume.

The various health benefits of soya and lack of evidence of its impact on male sexual health proves the fact that soybeans have no negative impact on male sexual health. 

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