Can sexual problems affect your professional life?

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Can sexual problems affect your professional life?

Can sexual problems affect your professional life?

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The problems of the bedroom have paved the way in your professional life. Unfortunately, the topic is not much discussed and you become a silent bearer. Good enough if you at least know what is disturbing your work. As there are many whose sexual problems unknowingly go beyond the bedroom. 

Studies have found that a significant number of people with sexual problems have shown reduced productivity at work.

Sexual problems include the various condition that affects your sexual life and makes it difficult to enjoy sexual activity with your partner. Sexual problems are growing and are a common problem affecting both men and women.

What are sexual problems?

Sexual problems can be categorized as below –

  • Low libido (a problem in sexual desire)
  • Arousal problem
  • Not able to achieve orgasm 
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Sexual problems & professional lives are causes and effects of each other

Poor sexual life can affect the quality of life. The effect of sexual problems on work productivity is not talked about. According to the survey it is found that sexual problems for more than six months can significantly affect an individual’s daily activities, work, and quality of life.

Sexual problems are commonly found in people who are obese, lead a sedentary lifestyle, consume too much alcohol, smoke, or have some medical health issues. All these conditions can affect professional life and decrease work output. 

The working days, off days, sickness leave, etc can be the signs of a sexual problem affecting professional life. The quality of life decreases with sexual problems.

Sexual problems need to be addressed as it makes you feel stressed and affects your self-confidence. The problem can be distressing and affect your day-to-day activities. 

Sexual problems & relationship with the spouse

Sexual problems affect your relationship with your partner. This can make things unpleasant and when you are not happy at home it affects your work. You become less interested in working out or in other activities. It may affect your mental health and can result in poor work output.

Sexual problems & physical health conditions

Health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, excess body weight, etc affect a person physically and mentally. The sexual problem being one of them becomes an add-on to the poor health and this can affect the work output. 

Sexual problems & mental health conditions

Sexual problems and mental health conditions are interchangeable. Both can be a cause and effect of each other. Mental health issues arising from sexual problems puts you in a position where you are not able to concentrate or make decisions. This can significantly affect your professional life.

Conclusion Do not let your bed life affect your professional life. Getting relationship counseling, psychosexual therapy, meditation, talking to your healthcare provider, etc can help you in long run. Kick away the sexual problems and bring in the energy and motivation you need to be happy in your personal and professional life.

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