Does late marriage have a bad impact on sexual power?

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Does late marriage have a bad impact on sexual power?

Does late marriage have a bad impact on sexual power?

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You may get intimate at any age, no matter if you are aging. With intimacy, sexual health is also important. Your sexual power may not be the same as it was a few or a couple of years back.

Late marriage and sexual power both have a vice-versa effect. Healthy sexual intercourse is an important part of marriage and sexual dysfunction can ruin your marriage. With aging, the body undergoes a lot of changes and so does sexual power. It is normal to undergo changes in sexual power as you age.

You cannot stop aging but you can always manage the sexual problems you and your partner are facing. Given below are the reasons that cause sexual problems in late marriage –

No communication

Share your thoughts with your partner. This way you both will understand what you want from each other. Be honest with what you are sharing, both physically and mentally.

Let us understand the changes in the body of males and females that may impact sexual health.

Changes in male genitals

With aging, a man may experience erectile dysfunction. It is the most common problem found with aging. The erection may occur too quickly or too late. Various factors that affect erectile dysfunction are –

  • Low level of testosterone
  • Damaged nerve
  • Decreased blood circulation in the penis
  • Tissues lose elasticity

Testosterone plays a crucial role in sexual power and the level varies in men. The level decreases in late marriage. The rate of decrease is 1% every year after the age of 30 years.

There can be erection problems in late marriage. Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most common problems in late marriage. However, there is various treatment available to correct the erection problem.

Changes in females’ genitals

A woman may observe changes in the vagina, hot flashes, etc. A woman can get pregnant till she reaches menopause. In late marriage, a woman may be close to menopause and there is a decrease in the level of estrogen hormone. This results in a dry vagina and retards sexual arousal in females.

Medical conditions 

It is not just the changes in male and female genitals but certain illnesses, disabilities that come with late marriage that may affect sexual power. Most men and women lose the desire to have sex as they age or the desire may fade with increasing age. Various other problems that affect low libido are .

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