Effect of lifestyle on sexual relationship

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Effect of lifestyle on sexual relationship

Effect of lifestyle on sexual relationship

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sexual dysfunction in men

How to live your life depends completely on an individual. The choices you make determine your health and overall well-being of an individual. 

sexual dysfunction in men

A healthy sexual relationship signifies no sexual dysfunction and absence of sexual dysfunction signifies no mental or physical health issues that mostly arises due to poor lifestyle.

If we reverse the above statement then poor unhealthy lifestyle affects the sexual desire and other sexual functions that hugely impacts the sexual relationship. So, we can make out how the lifestyle we follow affects the sexual relationship.

Making a healthy food choice and a modified lifestyle improves and maintains the sexual health of both men and women.

Given below are some of the lifestyles that impact sexual relationships.

Too much of alcohol intake

Frequent consumption of alcohol compromises the blood flow to the reproductive organs in the body.


Stress hormones known as cortisol hormones kill the sexual desire of a person. Too much stress and mental tension increases the level of adrenaline and cortisol.

De stressing with meditation, body massage etc helps a lot by secretion of healing hormones.

Eating too much of junk food

Consuming too much junk food increases the cholesterol level and impairs the blood flow to the important parts of the body. Instead opting foods rich in proteins and fresh green vegetables promotes sexual health.


Obesity and overweight have various side effects and adverse effects on sexual relationships is one of them. Thus, managing your BMI can help you prevent sexual problems and linked health risks.


The nicotine content in tobacco has a damaging effect on the blood vessels and this results in less blood supply to the genital parts. In men, less blood supply to the penis affects the erectile function and affects the relationship with the partner.

Lack of sleep

Chronic sleepless nights affect the erectile function in men and in females it impairs the sexual response. A proper good night’s sleep improves the sex life and increases the sexual desire in both men and women.

Too much of caffeine intake

Caffeine is known to have a constrictive effect on the veins and arteries. This indicates less blood supply to the pelvic region. 

Hence it is advised to consume it at a moderate level which can result in healthy sexual life and improve the libido.

Sedentary lifestyle

A body that is not active impairs blood circulation.

If you remain active and keep moving it enhances blood circulation, improves muscular strength, improves body image and most importantly improves the sexual desire in men and women.

Poor diet

It might not be the only cause of low sexual drive but it is a major contributing factor that affects the sexual relationship. 

The healthier food consumed the better your body works. Opting foods with aphrodisiacs property have shown to improve the sexual relationship.

Most of the diseases today are a result of poor lifestyle and diet. The lifestyle disorders and poor dietary habits are the leading cause of diseases and sexual dysfunctions. Both of these impacts the sexual relationship indirectly and directly respectively. Hence a change in dietary habits and little change in lifestyle can hugely enhance the sexual relationship.

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