High Blood Pressure And Sexual Problem

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High Blood Pressure And Sexual Problem

High Blood Pressure And Sexual Problem

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High blood pressure and sexual problems both affect the quality of life. The strong link between high blood pressure and sexual problems is found in men.

The most common sexual problem in men due to hypertension is erectile dysfunction. The studies have proved that mental health issues and the physical condition affecting the blood vessels has adverse effects on sexual problems in men.

30% of the patients with high blood pressure have a complaint of sexual problems especially related to erectile function. Men usually ignore the initial symptoms of sexual problems and do not realize the fact that this ignorance can lead to life threatening diseases.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction usually have high blood pressure when compared to men with healthy sexual life. Hypertensive medicines also cause sexual problems and affects the sexual drive.

How high blood pressure affects the sexual health in men

Sexual problems commonly occur in hypertensive patients and might occur as a side effect of hypertensive medicines. The various sexual dysfunctions in males include low libido, not able to maintain the erection of the penis required for healthy sexual intercourse and problems related to ejaculation.

Let us learn how the blood vessels are affected in the hypertensive patients.

The inner lining of the blood vessels gets damaged if high blood pressure is not treated on time. The damage of the blood vessels includes hardening of the arteries, deposition of fats in the blood vessels and narrowing of the vessels thus resulting in less blood flow to the organs and parts of the body and causing serious diseases such as heart diseases, stroke and sexual problems. The limited blood flow to the penis affects the erectile function. This sexual problem is called erectile dysfunction and men with high blood pressure often complain of low sexual desire and ejaculation issues.

The effect of hypertension on sex hormones

Male sexual hormones and high blood pressure affects each other. Men with hypertension have low level of testosterone (male sexual hormones) and testosterone is a contributing factor for high blood pressure and heart diseases. The normal level of testosterone hormone is majorly responsible for sexual desire, sperm production and for healthy sexual activity.

Hypertensive medicines and sexual health

According to the experts the sexual dysfunction is found commonly in patients undertaking hypertensive medicines when compared to men whose blood pressure is normal or the ones who have high blood pressure but is not under any medication.

Patients of high blood pressure are usually prescribed diuretic drugs also known as water pills. These drugs increase urine output and decrease the blood flow to the penis thus obstructing the sexual health. With increase in urine output the body loses zinc element, one of the most important components for production of male sexual hormones called testosterone. 

Not all hypertensive medicines cause sexual problems. There are other medicines that control hypertension without affecting the sexual health in men.

Natural ways to control blood pressure 

High blood pressure is hugely influenced by dietary habits of a person. Modifying the diet and lifestyle impacts the overall health of an individual. 

The food you consume directly affects the blood pressure and table salt is the main culprit in hypertension. Limiting the consumption of table salt, fatty foods, alcohol etc keeps the blood pressure under check.

Substances such as smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs etc should be avoided as it tends to damage the blood vessels and affects the well-being of an individual. 


It is okay to feel awkward to talk about the sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem so it is important to seek help and get support for the treatment required. 

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