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Home Remedies For Night Fall Treatment

Home Remedies For Night Fall Treatment

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food that spice up your sex life

Are you one of those who is suffering from night fall? Have you tried all possible measures but still could not get rid of nocturnal emission?

If the answer is YES, then you are on the right page. The article deals with some of the best natural measures for managing night fall.

sex during winters
sex during winters

Let us first brief you about the night fall problem.

What is night fall?

The involuntary discharge of semen without sexual stimulation is known as night fall or wet dreams. It might often occur due to sexual activity in dreams. It is a common problem that all men have been through some point in their lives.

The situation becomes problematic if there are frequent episodes of night fall. 

Unhealthy foods, staying away from sexual activity for a long time and certain underlying diseases causes night fall.

After crossing a certain age, men become more sexually active and the testosterone hormones decrease with advancing age and thus night fall becomes more common.

Factors responsible for nightfall-

Some of the factors that cause nightfall are low level of male hormones, excessive masturbation, not able to control emotions, mental health issues such as stress and anxiety, wrong information about sexual activity, weak nerves etc.

Occasional night fall is not a problem but the frequent occurrence is a matter of concern.

How to stop night fall effectively with home remedies

The cure of night fall depends upon the causative factor. Thus, it is critical to know the underlying cause.

Some of the natural ways to treat night fall

The first step towards the best natural way to stop nightfall is following the right diet. The food you consume daily has an important role in managing the night fall.

Food that is easily digested such as bottle gourd, moonga dal, fruits and vegetables etc are recommended for night fall management. Whereas foods that are difficult to digest must be avoided.

There are certain foods that are aphrodisiac in nature. Foods such as onion, garlic etc and gooseberry juice improves the sexual activity and manages the night fall. 

These foods improve blood circulation to the reproductive system and the genital parts. This promotes the management of night fall.

Taking such foods in your daily meal helps in curing night fall. Some of the common foods found in every household is beneficial for nightfall treatment.

Corriander (Dhaniya)

Coriander seeds and mishri in equal proportion are consumed in the form of powder with a glass of water. It helps in digestion and manages anxiety in a person. Coriander seeds are usually recommended in the digestive system and in men suffering from night fall.

Water chestnut (Singhada)

Water chestnut is rich in potassium and is said to improve the sperm parameters and controls the night fall in men.

Fenugreek (methi)

It is rich in nutrients and the medicinal property of methi is effective in night fall treatment. 


Having curd daily helps in curing night fall due to sleep disturbance. 

Almond milk

Almond milk is very effective in preventing and curing night fall.

Black gram

Soup of black gram combined with wheat, rice and pepper cooked in milk is good for managing wet dreams.

Whole grain cereals and fruits

These are rich in vitamin B and it is one of the important components in sexual health and manages night fall.

A diet rich in nutrients with sufficient intake of water helps in fighting night fall and strengthens the penile muscles. 


Night fall is normal but it is important to know when it becomes a health concern. If you are confused about the problem then seek help from the healthcare professional.

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