How Diabetes Is Linked To Sexual Problems in Male

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How Diabetes Is Linked To Sexual Problems in Male

How Diabetes Is Linked To Sexual Problems in Male

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle-disorders which is increasing at a rapid rate. In diabetes the body is either not able to make insulin or is unable to use the insulin or both might occur. The sugar level in the blood increases and if left untreated can cause complications.

Diabetes being a chronic disease affects the sexual health of a man. Being one of the prevalent diseases it affects the married life of a couple.

Other than various known symptoms of diabetes, sexual dysfunction is one of the problems linked with high blood sugar in men. It affects sexual health both directly and indirectly.

What are sexual problems?

Sexual dysfunction includes any kind of problems that hinders a man from having healthy sexual intercourse with the partner. The common sexual problems in male include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido etc. 

Diabetes is known to give rise to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and other problems related to male reproductive organs. There is less urge to get intimated.

Diabetes leads to other health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity and skin related problems. The disease can be stressful and you always feel low in energy thus lacking the interest in sexual life. So, we see diabetes impacts both the physical and mental health.

Some of the common diabetes symptoms affecting the sexual health of men are

Erectile dysfunction

It is a disorder when the man is not able to erect the penis or is unable to maintain the erection required for sexual intercourse.

Men suffering from diabetes are more prone to develop erectile dysfunction or if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then get yourself tested for blood sugar level.

Impact on nerves

The nerves and blood vessels of a diabetic man are affected. The constricted blood vessels impair the blood supply to the penis and this affects the function of the penis. 

Backward ejaculation

The high blood sugar level might cause less semen ejaculation or the semen is released in the bladder instead of ejaculating out. 

Problems related to urinary system

In a diabetic man the nerves might get damaged affecting the bladder or other parts of the urinary system. This also affects the sexual health in a male.

Other symptoms associated with diabetes might include low libido, not able to get aroused, pain during sexual intercourse, infections in the urinary tract etc. 

How diabetes affects the sexual dysfunction in men

Diabetes is linked with high BMI, high blood pressure, sleeping difficulty and stress and depression. 

Mental health

Men suffering from diabetes are self-conscious and the related time and energy required to manage diabetes adversely affects the emotional health of the person. This causes less interest in sex or the medicines used for stress might have negative effect on sexual function in a man.

Defect in blood circulation

Diabetes affects the blood flow and this might restrict the blood circulation to the penis making it difficult to sustain the erection.

Hormonal changes

Change in hormones such as testosterone or estrogen affects the libido and the arousal ability in a man.


Medicines used for high blood pressure and for mental health issues affects the erection problem, arousal ability and declines the sexual interest.

Nerve damage

Diabetes if not controlled impairs the nerves of the penis resulting in decline or absence of sexual sensation or also causes pain during sexual intercourse.

Don’t let diabetes affect your sexual health

Having healthy sexual intercourse is an important part of married life.It has been observed that approach towards sexual problems varies from person to person and majority of the sufferers fail to talk about the matter with their partner. Talking and communicating helps a lot.

Consult the healthcare professional and talk about the sexual issues even if the consultant does not ask about it. Very few people talk about the sexual problems they are facing due to diabetes but talking about the sexual issues will help you in resuming the healthy sexual life. 


A healthy sexual life signifies the healthy quality of life. It is easy to cure the sexual problems linked with diabetes. Talking to a psychologist may help to combat the mental health issues thus improving the sexual life with your partner. Making certain lifestyle changes and eating healthy foods can manage diabetes and improve the sexual problems linked with high blood sugar level. 


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