How sleep and sex are interconnected

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How sleep and sex are interconnected

How sleep and sex are interconnected

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sleep and sex

It is surprising to know that a sufficient sleep reignites the sexual drive. Thus, the better the sleep you get the better is the sex life with your partner.

But unfortunately, the majority of the population are deprived of sleep and most of the people consider it as a normal part of their life. They fail to realize the fact that insufficient sleep can dramatically impact the overall health of an individual.

Lack of sleep can result in hypertension, weak immune system, increased BMI, stress, depression and diabetes, heart diseases etc.

When it comes to overall health then how can the link between sexual life and sleep be exceptional. Both are done in bed hence have to be interlinked. The quality of both sleep and sex depends upon each other so it is obvious that lack of sleep can affect the quality of your sexual activity and vice versa. 

Ideally it is recommended for adults to have a good night’s sleep for 7-8 hours a day but it is found that on an average the adults sleep less than 6 hours. There are various reasons for sleep deprivation and the most of it arises from the brain.

Brain is the major part that controls the quality of sleep and sex. No wonder why the latter two are interlinked. 

Just observe the people around you. All are in a hurry and racing against the time. It is not easy to find time to take care of themselves and when stress is added to it, it adversely affects the quality of sleep and hence also the sexual activity.

If the disorder of the sleeping pattern lasts long it might cause other physical health issues and this has a direct impact on the mental health and overall personality of an individual. According to the studies, sleeping less than the recommended hours can cause mental health problems that hugely affects your relationship with your partner as it can kill your libido.

Let us now go in detail in how lack of sleep affects the sex life.

Brain is called the main sex organ and it is the brain that helps in inducing sleep. Mental health problems such as stress, anxiety etc does not allow the person to sleep and this makes your bed life difficult. Stress caused by lack of sleep secrets the stress hormone called cortisol. The cortisol hormones further suppress the sex hormone such as estrogen and testosterone.

The disturbance in balance of sex hormones is a root cause of most of the sexual dysfunctions. The sexual problems due to stress are commonly found in women during pregnancy or menopause. In men it commonly causes erectile dysfunction and hence infertility.

Lack of sleep makes a body tired and when the with the tired body there is loss of interest in sex. 

The studies done on the link between sleep and sex concludes that a good sleep elevates the quality of sex life.

Lack of sleep can occur in any age group and the numbers seem to swell especially in youngsters. In both men and women, lack of sleep affects the level of testosterone hormones. When the person is in deep sleep the normal level of testosterone is maintained. However, if the phase of deep sleep is skipped then the testosterone hormones are not restored.

Deficiency of these hormones causes low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction in men. In women these hormones are essential for bone health, production of red blood cells and improves the muscle mass etc. It is common to overlook the low level of testosterone in females.

All said about good sleep leads to good sex but a healthy sex can also give you a good sleep. So, the link between the sleep and sex is very clear. The hormones endorphins released during sexual activity manages the anxiety and relaxes your body. Also, the release of oxytocin has various benefits on the overall health of a body. 

According to the studies it is proved that the majority of the couples sleep well after indulging into a healthy sexual activity. A healthy sex gives you a good sleep and a sound sleep is beneficial in balancing the hormones.

Tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is important to rejuvenate and energize yourself. It keeps your mind and body relaxed and prepares you mentally and physically for the next day’s activities. It is important to take all possible measures that can help you get a good sleep. Trying out the following things can help you have a better sleep.

1.It is crucial to know how many hours of sleep your body needs and this depends upon the age and your daily routine. While waking up in the morning if you do not feel the freshness, it signifies that your body needs more sleep.

2.If you and your partner are in bed and you are not able to sleep then try having sex. A healthy sexual activity can help you sleep well as it lowers the stress hormones and releases the hormone prolactin that makes you sleepy.

3.Never take your phone to bed or watch television while in bed. Make it a rule to stay away from all these at-least a few hours before you hit the bed. The light emitted from mobile phones, laptop and television prevents you falling asleep.

4.If you are having a tough time sleeping monitor your daily routine and avoid consuming caffeine during night.


A healthy sex life and quality of sleep share a deep bond with each other. Healthy sexual activity induces sleep and this freshens your mind and body, ultimately improving the sex life. Sufficient sleep is not only good for sex but also benefits the mental and physical health. It restores the energy and stamina and also keeps the hormones balanced.

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