Over masturbation side effects on the body 

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Over masturbation side effects on the body 

Over masturbation side effects on the body 

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What is masturbation?

Stimulating the genitals for sexual pleasure which may or may not lead to orgasm is called masturbation. It is a common and healthy activity in both men and women. 

Usually, there are no harmful side effects of masturbation. But excessive masturbation comes with side effects.

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Why do people masturbate?

There are various reasons for people to masturbate. Masturbation can be done alone by an individual or with a partner. People masturbate for their pleasure, fun, enjoyment, and to release tension. Some of the common to masturbate are relationship problems, lack of sex, or understanding their body better. 

Let us understand how masturbation has a negative effect on an individual.

There are many myths about masturbation. Some of the myths linked with masturbation are infertility, mental health problems, low sperm count, impotency, blindness, erectile dysfunction, penis curvature, penis shrinkage, etc. 

For men, it works as a stress reliever but too much masturbation affects normal body function. It affects the overall health of your body including both physical and mental health.

It can deplete the energy level of your body

One may feel the loss of energy after masturbation and repeating it frequently can affect a man’s health.


Masturbation is not a wrong thing however some feel guilty after masturbation. Too much masturbation can take a person on a guilt trip which is mostly due to religious and cultural beliefs. 

One gets addicted

The act of masturbation can be addictive and one is not able to enjoy the true pleasures. An individual is addicted to masturbation if it is affecting daily activities or one tends to cancel the plans with friends/families, etc. 

Getting addicted to masturbation affects your relationship, disturbs your daily routine, and may also affect your productivity at work.

Premature ejaculation

Over masturbation causes premature ejaculation. Men who frequently masturbate tend to suffer from premature ejaculation as the nerves in the penis get overstimulated. 

You might injure yourself

Excess masturbation can injure you. It can have a mild negative effect on the penis skin and may cause the accumulation of plaque in the penis shaft. It is important to reduce the frequency of masturbation if it is hurting you. 

To conclude Masturbation is a healthy activity only if not practiced in excess. With the given article above it is clear that over masturbation can take a toll on your health. It is always recommended to feel free to talk to your healthcare provider about any sexual problems you are going through.

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