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Do orgasms lead to glowing youthful skin?

It sounds too good to be true that orgasm lead to clean youthful skin. Scientists have made revelatio

Low Testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes

The relationship between low testosterone level and diabetes in men is an important issue. Many peopl

Effects of higher level of Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a vital role in the body. It is a male hormone and it helps

Bad habits every man should avoid to improve the quantity and quality of sperms and increase libido

The problem of infertility is common and is rapidly increasing worldwide. The problem not always need

Does creatine cause premature ejaculation?

NO, creatine does not cause premature ejaculation. There is no evidence of a positive or negative eff

Relation between sexual power and emotional intelligence

Meditation, learning music, certain training, etc are said to improve intelligence. Did you ever know

Over masturbation side effects on the body 

What is masturbation? Stimulating the genitals for sexual pleasure which may or may not lead to orgas

How should we prevent premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a condition when you ejaculate before you or your partner is satisfied. It i

Does premature ejaculation affect pregnancy?

Infertility is a common problem today. Many couples are struggling to become pregnant and premature e

Does late marriage have a bad impact on sexual power?

You may get intimate at any age, no matter if you are aging. With intimacy, sexual health is also imp

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