Type of ejaculation disorder in men and how to cure it

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Type of ejaculation disorder in men and how to cure it

Type of ejaculation disorder in men and how to cure it

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health issues in men

The meaning of the word ejaculation is discharge of semen from the body. Any sort of problems in the normal delivery of the semen is known as ejaculation disorder and if you ask sexual problems in men, then ejaculation disorder is the most common. 

health issues in men

The working of normal ejaculation 

Brain is an important part of sexual organs in men. With the sexual stimulation the brain sends the signal to the reproductive organs this causes the ejaculation of semen. 

The procedure of normal ejaculation is better understood through the 2 phases i.e emission and expulsion.

The movement of the sperms from the testicles to mix with the seminal fluid forms semen. The semen is then moved towards the base of the penis.

The above is followed by contraction of the penile muscles to eject the semen out of the body. The ejaculation disorder often brings a feeling of embarrassment in men.

The premature ejaculation is rarely caused by underlying disease.

Types of ejaculation disorders

The different types of ejaculation disorder are-

1.Premature ejaculation

2.Delayed ejaculation

3.Retrograde ejaculation

4.Absence of ejaculation

5.Painful ejaculation

We shall discuss here the treatment and diagnosis of premature ejaculation in brief as it is one of the most common ejaculation disorders.

1.Premature ejaculation

The most common type of ejaculation disorder is early ejaculation or premature ejaculation. The premature ejaculation disorder is characterized by expulsion of semen sooner than required by the person. It might not be a matter of concern if it occurs rarely. However, facing the problem too often calls for immediate medical intervention.

Before knowing the various cures of ejaculation disorder let us understand how it is diagnosed.


Men normally have some control on the ejaculation but the problem is worrisome if there is no control. The problem becomes frustration for both the partners.

If ejaculation disorder becomes an obstacle in your sexual life then one must consult the healthcare professionals. The procedure of diagnosis includes physical examination and certain questions that helps the healthcare provider diagnose the problem.

A thorough evaluation with detailed study of medical and sexual history, proper investigation and physical examination all together helps to make a better diagnosis and quick treatment of ejaculation disorder.

The healthcare provider may ask for lab tests if found necessary. 

Treatment for premature ejaculation disorder

The various options for treatment of ejaculation disorder includes behavioral therapy, medicinal drugs, psychological treatment depending upon the cause. 

Psychological treatment involves working on the emotions that affect the sexual problems in a couple. The therapy is beneficial in managing the anxiety of sexual performance, it helps in building confidence and self-esteem. Psychological treatment may be used as a only treatment or along with other medications.

Behavior therapy

The therapy includes methods such as squeeze method and the stop-start method that helps to delay ejaculation.

Medical therapy

There are not many medicines available for ejaculation disorder however people have been using some cream and sprays that helps in delaying the ejaculation.

2.Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation might be a cause of mental illness or physical or some underlying physical conditions. Chronic alcohol consumption, certain medicines and diabetes are the most common cause of delayed ejaculation. 

Delayed ejaculation due to medicines can be treated by altering the medication. Those occurring due to mental health issues need psychological therapy.

3.Retrograde ejaculation

When the movement of semen is back into the bladder instead of outside the body, it is called retrograde ejaculation. In this ejaculation disorder the improper function of the bladder muscles result in no ejection of semen.

It is commonly found as a side effect of prostate surgery and is common in diabetic patients. In both of these cases the ejaculation disorder is permanent.

Retrograde ejaculation caused due to side effects of any medicines can be managed by changing the medication. 

4.Absence of ejaculation

The problem becomes common with advancing age. The ejaculation disorder might occur due to diseases related to spinal cord, prostate cancer.

5.Painful ejaculation

Ejaculation as a pleasurable phase for men but at times it can be painful. It might occur due to inflammation of the prostate, infection in the urinary tract and other urological disorders.

Sometimes men observe the presence of blood in the semen which may or may not be accompanied with a painful ejaculation. The underlying cause may be problems related to the prostate, cysts and abnormal vascular system.


How many men suffer from ejaculation disorder is not clear because men usually do not discuss the problem or speak about it to the partner or the healthcare provider. The ejaculation disorder is common and the problem becomes more common with the increasing age.


Sexual activity and sexual intercourse is a result of coordination of the nervous system, brain, psychology of a person, vascular system and reproductive organs. Any problem in function of any of these results in ejaculation disorder. Under proper guidance and consultation one can overcome ejaculation disorder.


With the increase in incidence of sexual problems in males it becomes extremely important to take care of overall health. Adopting the natural way is the best way to improve sexual functions.

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