Type Of Premature Ejaculation And Related Issues

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Type Of Premature Ejaculation And Related Issues

Type Of Premature Ejaculation And Related Issues

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Because of the poor dietary and unhealthy lifestyle it is not uncommon to find sexual dysfunction as a common cause of infertility. Premature ejaculation amongst them is a leading cause of infertility affecting almost 30% to 40% of men and usually found in the age group of 18 to 55 years.

To impregnate the woman, it is important to ejaculate the semen during the sexual intercourse inside the uterus. If the man has issues related to ejaculation it can be very frustrating for the couples and has an adverse effect on their marriage life. Let us know the types of ejaculation disorder that can hamper the marriage life. Usually the ejaculatory problem is categorized under delayed ejaculation and early ejaculation.

The problems related to ejaculation is of 3 types-

Anejaculation is a condition when the man is not able to ejaculate the semen. The cause may be physical or psychological.

Retrograde as the name suggests is the condition when semen goes back into the bladder instead of outside. This might occur due to damage in nerves and muscles.

Premature ejaculation being the most common amongst the three is the release of semen before or shortly after the sexual intercourse. 

The article shall deal with the most common ejaculation issue i.e premature ejaculation. The normal time of ejaculation is not known as some release semen very early, during intercourse or just after the intercourse. All these can create stress between the married couples. 

Premature ejaculation is normal if it occurs occasionally but frequent episodes of premature ejaculation are a concern. 

Reasons of premature ejaculation

Earlier premature ejaculation was thought to be the psychological cause but now the studies say that the hormonal imbalance and chemical reaction controls the ejaculation. Some of the psychological factors causing premature ejaculation includes-

Other factors contributing to premature ejaculation may be relationship problems or erectile dysfunction or anxiety. Premature ejaculation may arise from damage to the nervous system from trauma or any surgery however these causes are rarely found.

Biological problems such as hormonal imbalance, infection in the prostate or urethra and certain inherited traits can cause premature ejaculation.

Thus, for premature ejaculation the biological and psychological factors both are involved. Men feel shy to talk on this topic and they don’t realize that the problem is treatable.

Classification of premature ejaculation

It can be classified into primary and secondary. Primary or lifelong ejaculation problems persist from the very first sexual intercourse whereas secondary or acquired premature ejaculation occurs after you have had normal sexual intercourse without any ejaculation issues. 

Primary ejaculation needs less stimulation and it occurs due to hormonal imbalance whereas secondary ejaculation is caused due to anxiety factor or erectile dysfunction.

Primary or lifelong premature ejaculation may be an inherited condition whereas secondary premature ejaculation may arise due to conditions such as prostatitis, obesity, urethritis etc. 

Issues related to premature ejaculation

Because of the social stigma and shame premature ejaculation is not talked about. This causes lack of awareness of treatment options available. Early ejaculation is not just a sexual dysfunction but has adverse effects on all aspects of life. The ejaculation problem affects the man’s life in the following ways –

What is the cure of premature ejaculation

In many cases the problem of premature ejaculation is resolved on its own where there is no need for medical intervention. 

Modifying the lifestyle by avoiding or limiting alcohol, avoiding tobacco and illicit drugs might improve your problem related to release of semen.

Medicines used for depression treatment are sometimes used in treatment of premature ejaculation but have certain side effects.

The herbal based cream and gels are used as a topical treatment for premature ejaculation.


It is important to understand that the problem can be cured and taking a step to consult a healthcare professional is the first step of healing yourself. If delayed you might lose the closeness you share in your married life. Premature ejaculation can weaken the bond you share with your partner, so talking to your partner and approaching a therapist will be helpful to manage the issue.


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