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Night fall or nocturnal emission or wet dreams are different words with the same meaning.

Night fall is a condition of involuntary ejaculation of semen while asleep. Although it happens with both the gender but is more commonly found in men. It does not need any stimulation and is mostly seen in men of middle age and adolescents. Ejaculation in the limit is normal but too much of it calls for attention.

What can be the cause of night fall

  • Night fall is normal if the frequency is under control which may be two times a week.
  • The cause can be behavioural and medical. Behavioural causes include watching porn sites, frequent masturbation and talking on sexual topics.
  • Medical causes can be use of medicines for mental illness, sedatives, high blood pressure medicines and tranquilizers etc.
  • Mental illness such as depression, stress etc can cause night fall.
  • Sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity and it accounts for nocturnal emission.
  • Hormonal changes may cause night fall.
  • Too much accumulation of the seminal fluid may result in night ejaculation.

Symptoms of wet dreams

There is only one symptom associated with it. This includes ejaculation of semen while asleep. Men are usually embarrassed to discuss the issue with anyone.

Impact of nightfall on overall health

It becomes frustrating for men to get up early with wet pants. It results in weakness, loss of sexual desire etc. Nightfall impacts both the physical and mental health.

Myths about nightfall

Night fall is not abnormal, it is a part of growing up and is normal in adolescents. It is believed that it happens to men only. Whereas men and women both have orgasms at night.

It is believed that nocturnal emission has an adverse effect on male organs or on size of penis.

Remedies for nightfall

If you are having a problem with night fall, you must have already tried all the possible methods. Like all other health problems, nightfall also needs special attention and a cure. Experts for nightfall treatment in Delhi NCR recommend the following -

  • Bathing before going to sleep- It helps you to relax physically and mentally and gives you a sound sleep.
  • Herbal massage before going to sleep promotes sleep and avoids night fall. It enhances blood circulation in the body and genital area thereby resolving other sexual dysfunctions.
  • Take early dinner, at least 4-5 hours before hitting bed.
  • Avoid watching books and movies based on sexuality and also keep yourself away from any stimulation.
  • Balanced diet- opt for food that is easily digested.
  • Altering lifestyle
  • Use of certain medicines- Holistic approach with specific herbs is effective in treatment of night fall.

Men suffering from nightfall are confused with different views and opinions. Some suggest it is normal whereas some say it is not. As discussed in the article, now we know when the nocturnal emission is normal and when it is the time to consult a healthcare provider.

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