Month: April 2022

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How the use of gadgets affecting our relationship?

In this rapidly changing world how we are conducting ourselves in business, education, and in general

Conditions that affect your sexual ability

There are many things which can impact a man’s sex life. Stress and certain chronic conditions can

Psychological effect on relationship due to less sexual intercourse

With the awareness in sexual health care there is not much increase in people admitting they have sex

Perfect Sexual intercourse guarantees Strong Mental Health

Everyone knows and has heard about the physical benefits of having sex. It helps the immune system. I

Antidepressant effects on libido

Antidepressant can cause sexual dysfunction. How antidepressant affects the libido or other sexual dy

Antidepressant effect on Pregnancy

A pregnant woman will do everything that she thinks is right for her baby. From eating habits to pren

Know about female sexual desire, interest and opinion

Sexual desire or what is commonly known as libido, is an individual sex drive. In simple terms its me

Warning signs that you have a low testosterone level

When speaking about testosterone levels we directly associate it with men. As it is directly linked t

Do orgasms lead to glowing youthful skin?

It sounds too good to be true that orgasm lead to clean youthful skin. Scientists have made revelatio

Low Testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes

The relationship between low testosterone level and diabetes in men is an important issue. Many peopl

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