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Benefits of orgasm

Benefits of orgasm

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“Did you ever think that orgasm can be a source of various health benefits other than just a pleasure?”

The benefits mentioned in the article can surely come as a surprise for you. Let us know the benefits of orgasm beyond pleasure beneath the sheets.

Improve circulation

Orgasm increases pelvic floor circulation. This helps meet the requirement of nutrients and hormones in all body parts.

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Good for skin

The inflammation and breakout in the skin are due to clogged pores. Excess cortisol can increase sebum production and this can clog the pores. The oxytocin hormone released during orgasm can help here as it reduces cortisol levels.

Lowers pain

Orgasm can help manage menstrual cramps. Hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins are known as pain relievers. Frequent orgasms can decrease stress and reduce headaches.

Might improve menstrual cycles

Women who have frequent sex have a normal menstrual cycle and those who have fewer sexual encounters may have irregular periods. In conclusion from the studies, less frequent orgasm affects the menstrual cycle. This indicates an imbalance of hormones which can affect mood and weight.

Improve immune system

Frequent sex or orgasm can boost the immune system. Sex decreases stress and this makes you feel happy and improve immunity. The release of happy hormones impacts the body’s resistance to infections.

Delay aging

With orgasm, there is a release of the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). The hormone improves muscle strength, body fat, and bone density. All these declines with advancing age hence orgasm can delay aging.

Gives you a better sleep

The release of love hormone i.e oxytocin calms your mind. The hormone also plays an important role in the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which helps in sleep.


As per the studies, people who have frequent orgasms have a longer life span when compared to those who have fewer orgasms. Who knows this is what you need as a part of healthy life.

Reduce the chances of prostate cancer

Men who are not sexually active or have orgasms less frequently are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer.

Strengthens pelvic floor

Frequent orgasms can help strengthen the pelvic floor and this can protect men against erectile dysfunction. In women, it improves bladder function and improves the control of bladder.

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