Best lifestyle habits to control blood sugar level

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Best lifestyle habits to control blood sugar level

Best lifestyle habits to control blood sugar level

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High blood sugar or hyperglycemia or diabetes is a common health problem. You will surely find someone known to you complaining about their struggle with diabetes. Better late than never, spare few minutes to learn some best and basic habits that can help you and your known ones manage high blood sugar level.

There are various factors that can affect the way blood sugar is absorbed. The hormone insulin is important to regulate blood sugar level. When the liver produces large amount of glucose the body is not able to use insulin efficiently. As a result, the body becomes resistant to insulin causing high sugar level in the blood. 

Other factors include ongoing medication, food habits, mental health issues and sedentary lifestyle. There are many people with diabetes and then there are major part of population living with prediabetic conditions. 

To control blood sugar level is very important as over time it can lead to serious health conditions. Given below are some of the best ways to control blood sugar in both diabetic and pre-diabetics.

Keep yourself physically active

Staying physically active can have a significant effect on your body. It can help manage weight and improve blood sugar regulation. When the muscles and tissues are active it effectively absorbs blood sugar for energy. If getting physically active does not affect the sugar level, you may consider consulting your healthcare provider.

You can do anything that can help you give a break from sedentary lifestyle. It may include a light walk, gardening, dancing, swimming, playing any outdoor games, etc. Engaging into activities that keeps you moving can reduce blood sugar level.

Watch your carbohydrate intake

How much carbs you consume determines the blood sugar level. Carbohydrate break into sugar(glucose) and with the help of insulin the body uses and stores the glucose for energy. Excess carb intake impairs the function of insulin and causes rise in blood sugar level. 

You may not eliminate carb foods from your diet but eating it in small amount and making the better carb choice can help decrease the level of sugar in blood.

Have a good portion of fiber

A diet rich in fiber retards the absorption of sugar in the blood. Both soluble and insoluble fiber have positive effect on decreasing the rise in blood sugar especially soluble fiber. Foods high in fiber include legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Drink enough water

We all know water is important for life and the important thing is water is important for HEALTHY LIFE. It is the best drink to keep yourself hydrated. Yes, staying hydrated eliminates toxins and prevent various health problems which also include keeping blood sugar under control. Drinking water also removes the excess sugar through urine. 

Manage body weight

Keep a check on food you eat and the portion of food you eat. Putting on weight increases the risk of diabetes and a small change in weight can bring a significant change in blood sugar level. You can avoid outside foods, ready to cook foods, highly processed foods and instead go for healthy low-calorie diet. Mindful eating can go a long way in managing weight and blood sugar level.

Mindful grocery shopping

Mindful eating can be done with mindful grocery shopping. Pick up foods that have low glycemic index (GI). GI is a measurement of how quickly the carbohydrates break down and how soon the body absorbs it. A food with low GI retards the carb breakdown and also its absorption by the body. This prevents spike in blood sugar. Foods with low GI include barley, lentils, legumes, oats, etc. 

Take care of your mental health

Stress and depression are the most common mental health problems. Stress produces the hormone cortisol and glucagon causing rise in blood sugar. Meditation, yoga, etc can help manage stress and control hyperglycemia. 

Getting a good sleep is important for good overall health especially mental health. Adequate sleep is important to avoid weight gain and prevent diabetes. Having a good sleep improves metabolism and this helps control blood sugar.

Add specific foods to your plate

A person with diabetes has deficiency of micronutrients especially chromium and magnesium. Foods rich in chromium include whole grain products, fruits and vegetables and nuts. 

Magnesium rich foods can reduce the risk of diabetes as magnesium deficiency may cause insulin resistance. Foods rich in magnesium include bananas, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, etc. Apart from magnesium and chromium rich foods include cinnamon, fenugreek seeds in your diet.

Munch on healthy snacks

Eating healthy snacks in between improves blood sugar level and prevents eating unhealthy foods or snacks. Snacking in between the meal can help control hyperglycemia. 

Keep your gut healthy

Eat probiotic-rich foods. It improves blood sugar level and controls diabetes.

Take Away

There are various ways of managing blood sugar level. A little bit of lifestyle change and a bit of diet modification can help manage blood sugar level in long run. Take help of a health care provider or a dietician to guide you through the ways of incorporating healthy foods to control blood sugar. 

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