Cause of erectile dysfunction in the 30s

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Cause of erectile dysfunction in the 30s

Cause of erectile dysfunction in the 30s

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Often, we have heard that erectile dysfunction is a common problem as men climb the age
stairs. Little do we know the rising problem of ED in young men in their 30s. According to
the reports, there is a rise in men reporting sexual problems of erectile dysfunction, especially
between the age of 30-40. 

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It is not easy for a man to experience ED or other sexual problems when he is just 30. Sexual
problems at a young age can affect the mental and physical health of an individual. It can be
frustrating thinking about what is wrong down there.
Understanding the normal erection and problem of erectile dysfunction
The coordination between the brain, muscles, tissues, hormones, and blood circulation works
together to erect the penis on sexual stimulation.
Men suffering from ED have difficulty in achieving the required erection for sexual
intercourse. Some have a problem maintaining the erection and some are not able to get an
Let us understand the causes of erectile dysfunction 
Gone are the days when metabolic syndrome was uncommon in young people. With growing
pollution, food eating habits, and poor lifestyle, the human body even at a young age is
subject to mental and physical illness. No wonder there is no scope of escape for erectile
dysfunction in the 30s.
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in the 30s
ED occurring in young men can be due to physical and psychological causes.
1.Physical causes 
Heart diseases 
The problem in the heart indicates a blockage in arteries. This impairs blood supply in the
penis leading to difficulty in erection.
High blood sugar
A high level of blood sugar has a damaging effect on blood vessels which also affects the
blood vessels in the penis.
Hormonal imbalance
Low testosterone hormone is one of the common hormonal problems causing ED. An
increase in prolactin hormone or fluctuation in thyroid hormone results in erectile
Being overweight or obese is a call for various metabolic disorders. Diabetes and high blood
pressure linked with high BMI are common causes of ED in the 30s.

2.Psychological factors 
The brain is an important sex organ as the feeling of intimacy starts in the brain. Anxiety is
the most common psychological factor causing ED in young men. Stress related to job or
family, depression, etc causes the sexual problem. Men consuming too much alcohol,
smoking, or other substance abuse can cause erectile dysfunction at any age.
ED in the 30s is not an uncommon condition but is not much talked about. This explains the
reason for ED in the 30s coming as a surprise. The condition can be frustrating but the good
part is the problem can be solved. The first step is talking about the problem with your
partner or healthcare professional.

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