Conditions that affect your sexual ability

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Conditions that affect your sexual ability

Conditions that affect your sexual ability

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There are many things which can impact a man’s sex life. Stress and certain chronic conditions can interfere with your ability to have sex. Their day-to-day life style can also affect their ability to have sex. Sexual dysfunction can reduce a person’s libido or your ability to become sexually aroused. It may prevent you from achieving an orgasm, cause premature ejaculation, or it may cause pain during intercourse. It gets into the way of a not enjoying sex life, which can affect your mood, relationship, and overall, well-being. Unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to problems getting or keeping an erection. However, by making some healthy lifestyle changes and treating underlying conditions, one can improve the quality of life in general. There are many reasons behind,


It is the most common and chronic ailments in India, occurring mainly due to an inactive lifestyle, bad habits such as smoking and drinking, and obesity. Diabetes also affects the blood vessels, leading to ED. In some case there is damage to the nerves which may cause orgasm without ejaculation.

In women, diabetes can lead to hardening of the blood vessels of the vaginal wall. Vaginal lubricants are extremely important to have sex, but due to the decreased blood flow the vagina becomes dry and it becomes difficult for women. There is a greater risk of yeast infection. High blood sugar levels can cause ejaculation and erection complications in men and less sexual desire.

Studies found that people who have diabetes, can treat sexual dysfunction by controlling their blood glucose levels. When diabetes is controlled, there is certainly a decreased risk for many complications. There are some tips which can help manage diabetes:

  • Exercising regularly and staying active
  • Do not skip your medicines
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. You can include leafy green vegetables, eggs, beans, nuts and broccoli
  • Quit smoking and intake of alcohol
  • Whenever required do consult your doctor


Brain is considered the most important sex organ and depression is a mental disorder that impacts your overall well-being. The sexual desire is firstly started from brain and then it works its way down. There are chemicals called neurotransmitters which help the brain cells (neutrons) communicate to stimulate blood flow to your sex organs.

In a person with depression these chemicals are unbalanced which makes the sexual desire low. Low levels of these chemicals can dull the feelings of pleasure. Depression gives rise to symptoms such as anxiety, hopelessness, sleep troubles and loss of interest in activities a person used to enjoy, such as sex. It has a negative effect on a man’s sex life. Those who suffer from depression are usually sad, hopeless and irritable. There are some emotional issues which causes ED.

One can manage depression by some following tips:

  • Make a routine and work on it
  • Exercise regularly and eat nutritious foods
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Indulge yourself into some activities which makes you happy
  • Do not forget to consult your doctor
  • Avoid skipping medication


As mentioned above, our brain is the most important sex organ. It is because sexual desire first starts in brain and then it transmits to the other organ. Drinking alcohol makes the brain numb and the brain is not in its state to transmit the message to the other organ. Alcohol also affects the production of male hormones. This eventually led to ED. Unhealthy drinking changes a person sexual behaviour. For example, those who drink heavy are more likely to have unprotected sex or have sex with more than one partner. Consuming illegal drugs, like cocaine and heroin increases the risk of ED. There are some steps one could have to avoid ED

  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid consuming alcohol frequently
  • Make a habit of eating healthy foods
  • Divert your mind so that it doesn’t call out for alcohol
  • Make a hobby and do it regularly

Relationship issues

Some women are unhappy with their partners and they feel bored during sex. There are many other reasons like workload, tiredness and household chores which can put a strain on their relationship. You should avoid it by talking to your partner about your feelings.

Chronic pain

Chronis pains are those pains which last more than one month. It becomes difficult for a person with chronic disease to indulge in sexual activity. Some conditions like lower back pain, arthritis, headache and post trauma pain can cause chronic pain. There are few steps to control this pain.

  • Do not resist the pain
  • Consult your doctor
  • Know the reason behind the pain
  • Get a regular massage
  • And foremost “DO NOT SKIP YOUR MEDICINE”

Cardiovascular problems

This problem occurs when circulation of the blood from the heart is obstructed. Some cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, damages the blood vessels which supplies blood from the heart to other body parts. When a person gets engaged in sex, it is mainly the brain which send signals to the nerves in your penis to increase blood flow. This makes erection. Diseases like high blood pressure, clogged arteries and high cholesterol levels could break these signals which lead to ED. Those people suffering from cardiovascular diseases may face the given symptoms and this causes sexual dysfunction.

  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breadth
  • Weakness
  • Disability
  • Chest pain
  • Muscle weakness

Even if a person is having cardiovascular diseases, they can resume sexual activity and can be treated for sexual dysfunction. One should follow their doctor’s advice.

Some changes in the lifestyle of a person can also help them to resume their sexual activity and prevent the risk of ED.

  • Quit smoking
  • Reducing the intake of alcohol
  • Exercising regularly
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Being physical active
  • Leaving obesity behind

Mental and emotional issues

Many a times stress, anxiety and depression and some other mental issues can play a major part in your sexual life. Worrying every time about your performance during sex can make you away from enjoying sexual intimacy. Instead of thinking of a person getting pregnant, use protection. This will save both the person and they can enjoy a better time together. Anger with your partner, less interaction with your partner and some ongoing issues about life will all affect your sex life.


When a person crosses a certain age, they are not able to maintain an erection. To change this, you should start with a foreplay and stimulate each other as much as you can before sex to keep an erection. But if you see a drastic change in erection in a short time, then do consult a doctor. Sex is a common thing and having it, a person feels joyful and at peace. It is not a taboo. Most people think of sex as a taboo. So, they feel uncomfortable to talk about sex.

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