Effects of sexual problem on social life

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Effects of sexual problem on social life

Effects of sexual problem on social life

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In a married life apart from employment, health of a child etc a healthy sexual intercourse has an important role to play in the way of communication between the partners, as happiness and satisfaction is a basic desire in a married life.

There are a number of feel good hormones released while having sexual intercourse. Being one of the important parts in a married life, the feel good hormones enhance the mental well-being of both the partners. 

What if there is a sexual problem in married life? The answer to it is, it has a negative impact on the mental state and also hampers the relationship with your partner.

Sexual problems impact the psychological and social well-being of a person. With no sexual issues there is secretion of the hormones called dopamine; it is the hormone responsible for feeling of pleasure. Also, the secretion of oxytocin hormones helps in the bonding of both the partners. 

So, now we understand the hormonal effect of a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. But what if there are sexual problems and how it would affect the person with his surroundings. Let us learn some of the common sexual problems and its impact. 

The most common sexual problem

There is high prevalence of sexual problems in Indian males and erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation is some of the most common that is known to negatively affect the social and mental health of men. 

Sexual problems in males are categorized into four sections i.e no sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problem and pain during sexual intercourse. 

How sexual problems impacts social life

According to the studies men who have healthy sexual life are more satisfied and enthusiastic in their life. Those with sexual problems are mostly surrounded with emotions such as disappointment, embarrassment, sadness and tend to have high levels of anxiety. 

All these negative emotions affect the social life of a man and also indirectly affects his partner. With sexual problems and its negative effects, it might become difficult for a man to adjust in social life.

The physiological issues such as diabetes, prostatitis, urethritis etc have psychological effects and this might cause sexual problems resulting in a failure to cope up in social life and the social stigma worsens the situation. 

There are few cases where physiological issues are the cause of sexual problems. Mostly it is the psychological problem that plays a major part in sexual issues in men.

Stress is one of the side effects of sexual problems and affects the quality of life of both the partners.

Sexual problems damage ones’ connectivity with his surroundings due to low self-esteem and social stigma.

The sexual problems impact the interpersonal relationship and also hamper the connectivity with the society.


Sexual problems are not just individual problems but due to its impact on mental health of the bearer and the partner it causes social maladjustments for both the couples. The way the infertility cases are rising, it is affecting the mental and social health of the society as a whole. Thus, the sexual desire, orgasm and all together a healthy married life affects the quality of life of both the partners.


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