Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

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Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

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The connection between erectile dysfunction and diabetes looks strange at first sight and thought. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction and diabetes are increasingly becoming common and are connected. Being two different health conditions, they go hand-in-hand. 

The connection between ED and diabetes is science-backed and this article is about how a rise in blood sugar level affects the erection problem. When blood sugar is not managed it can completely ruin sex life at a young age.

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes are connected 

Diabetes commonly involves the vascular and neurological mechanism which gradually causes erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem when a man is not able to achieve or maintain a penile erection. The problem can leave you frustrated and affect your mental health. Erection problems may occur due to the following factors –

  • Insufficient blood supply to the tissues and blood vessels in the penis
  • Not able to get sexually aroused 
  • Damaged nerves and blood vessels due to poor sugar control

Diabetes is linked to high blood pressure and heart problems. Hence ED can be linked with the latter two as well. Erection problem is more common in men with diabetes when compared with normal blood sugar level.

When blood sugar level rises it has a damaging effect on the nerves and blood vessels. This reduces or impairs the flow of blood to the penis. The blood vessels in the penis are small and so are easily affected.

Loss of sensation due to the damaged nerve is the most common and major cause of erectile dysfunction in people with diabetes.

Dealing with ED can be challenging but taking proper measures can get your sex life back on track. Many men ignore taking any help or treatment and bearing it silently can lead to a poor health condition.

Ways to reverse ED by managing diabetes

Share the problem with your healthcare professional 

  • Giving words to your problem can make a big difference. Talking to your doctor can enlighten you about medicines and methods to manage the problem.
  • It is your doctor who will aware you of the connection between diabetes and ED. This might come as a surprise as to date there was the turbulence of thoughts that rented your brain. A little conversation can truly bring a big difference in the way have been dealing with the problem.
  • It can help you discover other underlying health problems that can worsen sexual dysfunction.
  • If you are under certain medication, changing it can help gain erection with a sexual stimulus.
  • Erectile dysfunction affects the relationship between the partners. Taking help from a psychologist or a counselor can go a long way to coping with the problem and building a healthy relationship.

Lifestyle changes

  • Eating a healthy diet and including foods that cause the slow release of sugar in the blood can help control diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Consulting a dietician can help you choose the right food to manage both conditions. 
  • Keep yourself active to maintain your ideal weight. A small weight change can have a significant effect on blood sugar levels and erectile dysfunction. Weight loss increases the male hormone testosterone and increases the blood flow in penile tissue and blood vessels.
  • Keep the stress away. ED will cause a lot of stress so taking measures to manage stress levels is an important part of managing ED. Proper sleep, counseling, meditation, and relaxing activities can help manage stress and hence ED. 
  • Quit smoking or tobacco use in any form. It narrows the blood vessels and this can impair the blood supply required for erection.

Limit alcohol intake. Excess alcohol consumption causes erectile dysfunction so limiting or moderating alcohol intake may help control diabetes and erectile dysfunction. 

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