Factors which make sexual relationship unhealthy

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Factors which make sexual relationship unhealthy

Factors which make sexual relationship unhealthy

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Healthy sexual relationship is an important part in the overall health and wellness of a person. 

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Along with all the mentioned factors mental illness cannot be ignored. Brain, we all know, is an important part of sexual organs and so a healthy mental state determines a healthy sexual relationship.

We all are aware that healthy sex plays an important role in a married life and to a large extent determines the bond shared by the individual with the partner. However sexual relations are not always as happy as it sounds. 

The fast-paced world, unhealthy food, poor health and sexual problems all interfere with a healthy sexual relationship. Some of the most common issues affecting sexual health include diseases related to genitals and reproductive systems.

All the above factors affect the ultimate happiness of the couple.

Before knowing the factors that make a relationship unhealthy lets us understand what is a normal healthy sexual relationship.

Definition of healthy sexual relationship

WHO defines sexual health as a state of physical, mental, emotional and social well being in context to sexuality and is not just the absence of disease, sexual dysfunction or any weakness.

What do you mean by healthy sexual relationship

A healthy sexual relationship includes the one in which the couple is physical and mentally satisfied with the overall sexual activity. 

Sexual health includes the factors such as frequency and nature of the sexual activity. The frequency of sexual relation and nature varies from person to person. So, there is no perfect definition of a healthy sexual relationship. What is normal to one may not be the same to the other person. Hence there is no set of rules that defines a healthy sexual relationship.

Unhealthy sexual relationship

It is important to know that either of the couple have a right to stop the sexual activity if it brings any kind of discomfort to him or her. The sexual relation that is forceful, includes assault, involves the diseases transmitted with sexual intercourse, is painful which might be due to some sexual dysfunction or leads to unwanted pregnancies.

We shall discuss here the things that make sexual relations unhealthy.

Unhealthy sexual relationships are linked to sexual difficulties in men and women and these may arise due to physical or psychological problems. 

Some common problems that leads to unhealthy sexual relationships

Sexual difficulties are quite common in a married couple. There are various health problems that interfere in a healthy sexual relation. Listed below are some of the most common factors resulting in unhealthy sexual relationships and affecting the married life.

1.Low sexual desire is the most common cause affecting the healthy married life. Lack of interest or absence of intimacy is found in both men and women. 

Other problems such as performance anxiety, painful sexual intercourse, body image consciousness etc are the contributing factors.

2.Men with sexual issues such as erectile disorder, premature ejaculations are the most common cause of male sexual problems leading to unhealthy marriage relations.

Young men falling under the age of 20 years mostly suffer from sexual anxiety and are body image consciousness. The problem increases with advancing age.  

3.Lack of communication

Communication is an important part of a healthy sexual relation hence the absence of communication between the partners can affect the sexual health.

4.Lack of trust

Trust is the most important factor on which depends, the health of a married life. If one of the partners cannot trust the other, it has a huge impact on the sexual activity.

5.Not understanding the difference between rough sex and violence

At times one of the partners, especially when it comes to the female partner, is not able to make out the difference between the two. Over time this affects the relationship between the couples.

How to make the sexual relationship a healthy one

In a healthy relationship it is important that the sexual desire of both the partners are fulfilled. To prevent or to eliminate the healthy sexual relation it is recommended to use the contraceptive method, seek medication for any sexual dysfunction, get help from psychologist if there are mental health issues

If you think you are going through an unhealthy relationship and it is affecting the intimacy and sexual relationship with the partner then it is time to correct it accordingly. The sexual bond with your partner affects the personality of an individual. Overcoming the problems that impact healthy sexual life helps to make a better and a happy couple.

Keeping yourself aware about the causes leading to unhealthy sexual activity, eliminating the unhealthy habits helps in a healthy sexual bonding. Seeking help from the professionals is beneficial in building healthier sexual relationships. 

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