Foods that increase testosterone in female

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Foods that increase testosterone in female

Foods that increase testosterone in female

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A woman’s body undergoes various changes especially in the middle years of her life. Amongst many changes in various hormones, testosterone is one amongst those.

The testosterone hormone is mainly a sex hormone in males but is also present in low amounts in females. Though the level might be low but it is one of the critical hormones for maintaining the strength of the muscles, provides energy, maintains the muscle mass and initiate the sex drive and also sets the mood. 

When a woman is near to the menopausal phase there is imbalance of hormones produced by the ovaries. The hormones secreted by the ovaries include estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and all these hormones play a vital role in maintaining the sexual desire. 

Testosterone is the main hormone that affects the libido and while approaching the menopause the level seems to decline. 

Other than age the other factors that cause low levels of testosterone include use of birth control pills or measures for a long time, ovarian failure due to any cause (eg PCOS), blood pressure medications, use of steroids and tumors on the glands. 

How to know if testosterone is declining?

Some of the common symptoms of low level of testosterone includes low sex drive, mood swings and weight gain. Other than this it also affects the health of a heart, memory and bone health. Other associated signs and symptoms include thinning of hair, dryness of skin, loss of muscular mass and sexual dysfunctions.

There are various natural ways that can maintain the healthy level of the testosterone and keep your sexual desire last long. While mentioning the natural remedies it is always the choice of food we make that helps to cure and prevent the problem naturally. 

One may increase the level of testosterone by adding the following foods in your diet-

1.Garlic lowers the level of stress hormones and produces the hormone testosterone. Thus, reduction of cortisol hormones improves the level of testosterone.

2.Almonds contain high levels of zinc and this mineral plays a vital role in production of testosterone hormones. For the release of testosterone some stimulating hormones are required and deficiency of zinc can suppress the production of these stimulating hormones.

3.Eggs improves the level of testosterone and also prevents the muscle mass.

4.Spincah is one of the best foods for improving the level of testosterone as it is rich in magnesium, iron and vitamin B6. 

5.Lemons act in the same way as garlic does. Apart from this the vitamin A content helps in testosterone production.

6.Bananas contain the enzyme called bromelain which helps to enhance the level of testosterone and improves the energy level.

7.Tuna is a rich source of vitamin D. According to the studies it is known to increase the level of testosterone to up to 90%. 

8.Salmon being rich in magnesium, omega-3 and vitamin B is beneficial in increasing the level of testosterone hormones. 

9.Ginger can be added to soups and salads and can enhance the level of testosterone hormones.

10.Legumes such as black beans, lentils, peas etc are rich in magnesium, fiber and vitamin B. So beneficial in improving the decreased level of testosterone.

11.Cashews have an abundance of iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. So are good for improving the level.

12.Avocados are rich in vitamin B, vitamin K and potassium. All these contents are beneficial for health and for improving the hormone level. 

13.Fish oils have high content of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. All these increase the testosterone hormone and also benefits in relieving stress.

14.Sunflower seeds are considered ideal for raising the level of testosterone hormones as these have high content of zinc and vitamins B.

After discussing all the favorable foods for improving the level of testosterone hormones, it is important to know the foods that one must avoid to maintain the healthy levels of these hormones. It is recommended to stay away from- 

1.Refined carbohydrates and sugars such as- soda, white rice, white bread, pasta etc.

2.Processed foods such as sausages, salami, chips, cakes, biscuits etc.

3.Soy foods such as soya sauce, tofu, soy milk etc.

4.One must restrict the consumption of red meat, alcohol and smoking.

If your hormone level is beyond the normal range or even less than the required level, it is bound to invite various health problems. The same applies for the level of testosterone in females. We have already discussed above the symptoms linked with decline in testosterone in females.

Thus, to conclude, testosterone hormone is one of the important sex hormones in females and has a vital role in maintaining the health of a woman’s body. The decreased level of hormones can easily be managed by all the above foods in proper quantity and at proper time. You might take the help of a dietician for the portion of the foods to be consumed.

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