How hypertension affects sexual activity

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How hypertension affects sexual activity

How hypertension affects sexual activity

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When the blood exerts pressure on the vessels while circulating in the body it tends to damage the blood vessels and reduces the blood supply to the body parts. Low blood supply to the pelvic region affects the sexual health as the reproductive organs are deprived of oxygenated blood.

There are many men who don’t realize they are suffering from hypertension as the symptoms are not immediate but occur gradually. One of the side effects of hypertension is sexual disorders. 

hypertension and sexual activity

High blood pressure changes the pattern of normal blood circulation and damages the veins and the arteries. 

Medicines used for managing hypertension are accompanied with side effects such as delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation, impotency, painful sexual intercourse, low libido or failing to have orgasm are some of the impact of hypertension on sexual activity.

Amongst all the mentioned disorders, erectile dysfunction is the most common problem in men suffering from high blood pressure. 

What happens when the blood pressure is normal

We must keep our body fit for healthy living. Eating a healthy diet and following a healthy lifestyle and taking care of mental health are the natural ways to keep the blood pressure under control. When the blood flows under normal range of pressure, each part and organs in the body including the pelvic region receives a good flow of oxygenated blood and this keeps the nerves and muscles of the genital areas in a healthy state.

The pressure of the blood is exerted on the tissues in the penis and on the veins. The blood is retained and is prevented from flowing away from penis. With the rich blood supply the penis becomes firm and increases in size.

So, now we know how the normal blood pressure regulates the blood flow for better sexual function in men.

High blood pressure and sexual activity

Sexual dysfunction is common in people with high blood pressure and it may also occur while undergoing treatment for hypertension.

The couple might not know what is affecting their sexual life. It is important to keep the blood pressure under control and within the normal range to live a healthy life. Everyone is aware of the seriousness it can cause and how seriously it affects the heart and other organs.

Not many of you know that high blood pressure affects the sexual activity in men. High blood pressure signifies less blood supply to the organs and body parts. Oxygen rich blood is something that each part of the body needs for proper functioning. 

Chronic hypertension causes damage to the inner lining of the blood vessels, narrows the arteries and hardens it. All these cause insufficient blood supply to the reproductive system thus affecting the sexual activity.

Poor blood supply to the penis affects the arousal and creates a problem in sexual intercourse. It has been observed that almost half the cases of erectile dysfunction occur due to defects in blood vessels.

Side effects of hypertensive drugs on sexual health

The medicines used in high blood pressure increases the urine output. This might affect the blood supply to the penis and cause erection problems. Due to increased urine output there is loss of zinc and hence the production of testosterone the male hormone is decreased. The hypertensive drugs thus cause sexual dysfunction and result in poor sexual activity.

Natural cure for high blood pressure 

The wrong choice of food is the main culprit of high blood pressure. It is easy to control blood pressure by adding healthy foods and eliminating the unhealthy ones. Whatever you consume directly impacts the overall health including blood pressure. 

Managing the salt intake and high calorie foods while adding fresh organic fruits and vegetables lowers the blood pressure. Also limiting the alcohol or avoiding it and quitting smoking makes a huge difference in your blood pressure reading and improving the sexual activity.


Hypertension is a silent disease that gradually shows its symptoms. It makes you vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart attack and also sexual problems. The effect of hypertension hugely affects the sexual activity in men. Managing the diet is the best natural way to control high blood pressure and prevent the side effects of medicines used to lower the pressure.

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