How mental health can affect the sexual pleasure?

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How mental health can affect the sexual pleasure?

How mental health can affect the sexual pleasure?

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Mental health problems can significantly affect your bedroom life. The next time you experience sexual dysfunction do not blame the physical health alone. Mental health issues can be tricky in making you think the problem is due to physical conditions.

According to the research and studies, there is a strong connection between mental health and sexual pleasure. The latter two can be a cause and effect of each other. This means poor mental health can affect your sexual life and poor sexual life can affect your mental health.

Ways how mental health affects sexual pleasure


People under depression keep themselves away from the activities they once used to love. Which also includes indulging in sexual activities. The feeling of tiredness, low energy, and low self-esteem deprives a person of enjoying sexual pleasure. It can cause sexual dysfunction which makes the person lose interest in sexual activity. Even the medication used to treat depression harms sexual function. 


Anxiety commonly causes erection problems. Young men being self-conscious and under stress becomes anxious. This being a major cause of erectile dysfunction prevents a man from sexual pleasure. In women, anxiety causes difficulty in arousal or orgasm, may cause pain during intercourse, etc. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The experience of traumatic childhood or any trauma in the past can penetrate deep down your mental health. Such people may feel isolated, depressed, anxious, etc and all of these contribute to sexual dysfunction affecting sexual pleasure.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD is a condition when a person suffers from anxiety for a long time. It may cause sexual obsession, always a worry of inappropriate sexual desire, etc. The person with OCD suffers from sexual dysfunction that makes a person devoid of sexual pleasure.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

A person with ADHD has difficulty in concentration and is hyperactive. People with such mental health problems will have a high sex drive or very low sexual drive. No interest in sex or not being able to focus on sexual activity can cause problems in your bed life.

Bipolar nature

Bipolar nature can cause a person to have sexual activities with more than one partner. One may experience a high sex drive or no interest in sexual activity due to stress, shame, or depression. Sexual activity with a bipolar person can deprive you of sexual pleasure. 

Eating disorder 

Yes, an eating disorder is a mental health condition and a serious medical condition. The eating disorder causes turbulence in mental health that affects the sex life of a couple. The physiological and emotional symptoms of an eating disorder prevent you from having sexual pleasure.

Alcohol abuse or substance abuse

Substance abuse or too much alcohol consumption causes arousal problems and erectile dysfunction. With such sexual dysfunctions, one cannot take pleasure in sexual activities. 


Mental health is a common health issue and most of them are treatable just like any other physical health problem. To enjoy bedroom life it is essential to kick the mental health problems out. Reach out and seek professional help. Take support and get counseling, as these measures can help you recover from mental health problems. Addressing mental health not just improves your sexual life but also your overall wellbeing.

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