How smoking affects your sperm quality

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How smoking affects your sperm quality

How smoking affects your sperm quality

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“Tobacco kills you and your ability to have a child”

Tobacco contains numerous chemicals that have a carcinogenic effect. We all are aware that smoking affects the respiratory system, heart health, causes various types of cancer etc. 

Smoking has an ill effect on the reproductive system of both men and women. In men there is a decrease in sperm count and is a big concern for men who are planning to have a baby as it seriously hurts the sperms.

According to the studies, smoking is known to decrease the sperm quality when compared to men who do not smoke.

Let us understand how smoking affects the sperm quality

The quality of sperm is compromised in smokers. They have low sperm count, poor sperm morphology and the ability of the sperm to swim is affected. It also affects the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg and hence causes infertility.

Infertility can be frustrating for both the partners.

The harmful metals such as cadmium and lead have damaging effects on the sperms. It also damages the DNA in sperm and cause causes high rate of miscarriage.

Effect on seminal fluid and sperm volume

Seminal fluid contains sperms and is responsible for providing nutrients and protection of sperms. In smokers there is depletion of seminal fluid and also a decrease in number of sperms. The reduced seminal fluid lowers the existence of sperms.

Quality of the sperms

Smokers have low quality sperms when compared to the ones who smoke. Smoking leads to a decrease in reproductive hormones that takes part in sperm production.

Shape and size of sperm

On the basis of various studies smokers have deformed sperms. It results in abnormal shaped sperms and this affects the ability of the sperms to fertilize the eggs.

The ability of the sperms to move (sperm motility)

The proper movement of the sperms is critical for egg fertilization. The harmful content in the tobacco damages the DNA and kills the sperms and affects the movement of the sperms.

How to quit smoking

Stay away from the factors that trigger you.

Stay away from people who smoke

Seek help from your family and friends

Take helps from counsellors or get some self-help books

Quitting smoking benefits the health of the smoker, the people around and also the fetus in the womb.


If you happen to be the smoker and having infertility issues then better late than never. Today is the day and now is the time to quit smoking. Always remember that the negative impact of smoking is reversible and hence the damage can always be repaired. 

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