How the use of gadgets affecting our relationship?

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How the use of gadgets affecting our relationship?

How the use of gadgets affecting our relationship?

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In this rapidly changing world how we are conducting ourselves in business, education, and in general human interaction has changed a lot. As people now are more and more into their smartphones, laptops, a big question looms: it’s whether these technologies are bringing us close together or further apart us? It also depends on a person on which decade they are born in. There are advances in email, instant messaging and social media to make communication a lot easier. People now who are distance apart can easily communicate with each other. Parents can easily keep in touch with their children throughout the day without meeting each other. Computer system and the internet have altered the way human used to interact before technology was developed in the last few centuries. However as more and more are adapting to these technologies which is making their life easier, these technologies are also threatening the most important aspect of their life which is how people relate and connect on a personal level.

On relationship

Human being loves to feel appreciated and connected with a hug and handshake. It is some other feeling when we see a smile on a person face. We humans are basically social animals who love to interact. We crave for personal attention and appreciation. But when these technologies devoid us of these things we tend to become different. There is void between people which remain unsolved and get skipped through these gadgets. People who are into intimate relationship have many challenges of their own but these changing technologies can be further said to be an add on which will contribute even more stress. Many a time the way people use these technologies can create a gap between them. Instead of talking to each other, they are busy in these gadgets. This increases the tension and the distance between the couple starts growing apart.

Advancement in medical technology

Due to advancement of new medical gadgets our doctors are able to provide good medical treatments and save many lives. Before when these technologies were not developed, life expectancy of the world was poor. Due to the improvement of technology, we have achieved good health and far better life expectancy.

Effects on communication technology

The gadgets have also helped to bridge apart those global gaps at the age of globalization. It has made easier for people to sit at home and book tickets to travel across the world and made booking hotels easier at a click of their finger. Online and mobile banking has made it easier for people to do monetary transaction rather than standing on a que and interact with a bank employee. People use to interact with each other by meeting up on a daily basis but with the advent of dating apps and gadgets, now they are able to do it from the convenience and comfort of their own home.

The downside of this is that most people have become antisocial and are now able to contact only on these platforms instead meeting people in person. There is a reduction in the level of intimacy and trust between people since there is no face to face interaction. It moves people away from the physical world to a virtual world.

Effect on young generation

Today’s kids are less likely to be seen in playground but on gadgets. With the development of technology, they have become dependent on that and lost the interest of playing outside. These gadgets have proved to be harmful if used excessively as they emit light which is bad for eyes. Kids are slowly getting isolated from the real world.

But these technologies have helped many underprivileged people during the pandemic. They have helped them overcome the school which was closed and studying was made easier through these gadgets. It is obvious that it depends on the person how they use these gadgets. Spending too much time will exploit you.

News and social media

The new gadgets have provided us with things which occurs in our world in no time. They have brought us the information that we need in our life. But with good, some bad follows. Fake news has made a lot of news at this time. It diminishes the credibility of the media. Due to this fake news, there is growing consensus between different classes of the society which makes their living and mindset different. All of this impact the different levels of relationships between people with each other and may lead to consequences.

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