How to increase female libido instantly

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How to increase female libido instantly

How to increase female libido instantly

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Low libido is low sex desire, which is common in both males and females. Sexual desire may vary depending on various factors. Low libido can create a problem when it starts affecting your or your partner’s mental health and relationship. 

sexual dysfunction in men

Low sexual desire in women is technically known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Fluctuation in sexual desire is a common thing but if the loss of libido exists for more than six months it indicates a problem of low sex drive.

When to seek help for low libido 

If you think there is a decrease in your sexual desire, you may experience the following symptoms-

  • Not interested in sexual activity
  • Never initiate sex
  • Not able to get pleasure from sexual activity
  • Does not fantasies sexual activities 
  • No sensation even when the genitals are stimulated

There is no diagnostic tool to diagnose low libido but the above-given symptoms can help you and your healthcare provider rule out the problem of low or no sexual desire.

Causes of low libido in females 


Female sex hormones such as estrogen affect sexual desire in women. During menopause, there is a significant drop in estrogen hormone and this lowers sexual desire in females. 


The roller coaster of hormones during pregnancy affects sexual drive in women. A woman may experience high or low sexual desire. The effect of hormones on libido may continue even after giving birth. 

Emotional factors

Depression, stress, fatigue, relationship problem, etc affects may lower the sexual desire in women.


Medicines such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, hypertensive drugs, etc result in low libido in women.

Health problems

Chronic health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, sleep problem, etc affect sexual function and cause symptoms of low libido. 

Ways to improve female libido instantly

Keep yourself active or keep moving

Sitting in one place for long or not moving your body enough can be a reason for low sex drive in women. When your body moves around or you are engaged in some outdoor sports it keeps the circulation under check and this works as a natural way to improve libido in women.

Take care of your mental health

Mental health can take a toll on your sex life. Practicing meditation with some lifestyle changes can help you cope with mental health problems. This can instantly improve low libido in women.

Have an open communication

Let your partner know the problem you are undergoing. Talking openly with your partner may help you overcome low sexual desire. This can go a long way in helping you deal with sexual dysfunction.

Do not forget to take deep sleep

A night of good sleep is a natural way to destress yourself and it makes your mind and body function optimally. This has a positive impact on low libido. 

Get some change

Following the same routine may decrease your libido. Adding some spice to your love life, going out for dinner, or whatever things you feel can make a difference can work as a quick remedy for low sex drive.

Hormonal therapy 

Hormone therapy or testosterone therapy directly impacts sexual desire. Testosterone therapy works in women with a low level of sex hormone experiencing low sexual desire. Other hormone therapies include estrogen, prasterone, and ospemifene therapy. 

Commitment to eating healthy

Good food is good libido. Healthy food is good for optimum metabolism and unhealthy food leads to metabolic syndrome which is linked to sexual dysfunctions and low libido can be one of them. 

Check your medication

If you are under medication and experiencing a low sex drive, you may check your medicines with your healthcare provider. Your doctor may change your medicines and this can instantly improve low libido in women. 

Take a walk to the kitchen

If your kitchen is filled with strawberries, coffee, dark chocolate, bananas, figs, etc then prefer eating them as these foods are known to improve low libido.

To Conclude Low libido in women is possibly the result of various factors including medical issues as well. Treatment for low libido in females and how soon the problem is resolved depends on the underlying cause of low sexual desire. However, in various situations, the above-given measures have given instant results in improving low libido in women.

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