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Is Daily Sex Good For Health

Is Daily Sex Good For Health

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Sometimes you can find the solution to the health risks in your bed life. The risk of heart disease, mental health, cancer etc can be resolved by having a good healthy sex with your partner. It may come as a surprise to you but the hormones released during sex is beneficial for overall health of the body.

Is daily sex good?

How frequently should one have sex and there are many such queries people have. The only answer to all such questions is everything is normal when carried without disturbing the harmony.

There are different phases when men want sex very frequently and then there is a phase when some are not too much interested in it. So, the question if daily sex is good for health depends all upon the need of both the partners. 

There is no problem in having a healthy sexual activity daily, the article here deals with how a healthy sexual life can benefit your health in various ways.

Sexual activity makes the entire body muscles work and this improves blood circulation enhancing the function of all the body organs. 

Improves the health of the heart

Healthy sexual activity works as an exercise for your heart. According to the studies men who had frequent sex are found to have low risk of heart diseases when compared to men who are not much active in sexual activity. The calories burned during sex is good for keeping you fit.

Lowers the stress level and is beneficial in hypertension

Sexual activities generate the hormone endorphins that is beneficial in lowering the stress level and keeps you calm. It is observed that sexual activities manage hypertension by eliminating the stress.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Having frequent sex might reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It is found that men who frequently ejaculate have less chances of developing prostate in comparison to men who do it fewer times. 

It makes you happy and makes the bond stronger

Sexual activity involves biochemical changes in the body that releases the hormones responsible for making the person feel good.

Skin glows and you look younger

The glow on the face when you wake up in the morning is a result of healthy sex you had last night. Sexual intimacy is good for maintaining long term healthy relationships.

Gives you a better sleep

The release of hormone prolactin during orgasms helps you feel relaxed and drowsy. It is natural to feel drowsy for both the partners after sexual activity. Indulging into a good sexual intercourse induces sleep and relaxes the body.

It helps in reducing the pain and improves blood circulation

Oxytocin released during orgasm relieves the pain. The heart works harder while having sexual intercourse and this results in supply of oxygen rich blood to the organs and all body parts. All the deoxygenated blood is supplied to the heart and from here oxygen rich blood is supplied to the entire body. This helps in eliminating the toxins from the body and makes you feel tired.

Makes you feel better throughout the day

Sex makes you feel better and helps you cope up with daily stress and credit goes to the hormones released during sexual intercourse.

Increases the level of sexual hormones

Testosterone is a male sexual hormone that makes you better in the bed and also keeps your muscles and bones healthy. Being sexually active also keeps a check on cholesterol level. 

Enhances immunity

The release of a specific hormone during orgasm improves the body’s ability to fight diseases, repairs tissues and maintains the health of the skin. Men having frequent orgasm are found to have a longer life span.

Improves libido

If you do not have a desire to have desire then you must know that having frequent sex naturally improves the libido and you desire for more sexual life with your partner.


A healthy sex life is good for overall health that includes reproductive health, mental health, physical health and impacts the social life too. There are various benefits of sex life but only when the intercourse is healthy with consent from both the partners and when it is not affecting your work or daily routine.

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