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Know about female sexual desire, interest and opinion

Know about female sexual desire, interest and opinion

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Sexual desire or what is commonly known as libido, is an individual sex drive. In simple terms its meaning is having a strong interest in sexual activity. The female sex drive and the male sex drive differs in many ways.

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The female sex drive depends upon some conditions and on different factors. In both male and female, the desire to have sex depends on the hormone that is testosterone. The low level of testosterone in a female’s body makes her sex drive more diffuse and more distracted. In other words, a woman’s sexual desire or sex drive is easily affected by the day to day events in her life and the things which is happening in their lives compared to her male partners.

For many women, sex is more about sharing closeness and emotional intimacy. This physical closeness and emotional intimacy are the reason behind some women for not getting orgasm every time they have sexual encounter. In other words, orgasm is not necessary for their satisfaction. This is something which all men do not understand completely because they think their sexual appetite should be the same as theirs.

A woman’s sexual drive develops from a gentle, relaxed sensual touching. A woman’s sexual desire is usually at peak at the time early tie of her relationship when they spend time together, romance is around and when emotional intimacy is abundant. Women are more interested in men who respects her privacy, spends quality time with her, proves her to be a part of her life in ways she didn’t expect.

Also, less interested in getting physical than knowing her and enjoying with her in ways she would love. Ask her about the day and listen to what she says. Take over the household chores so she could have her own time and surprise her in ways she would love.

Society also plays a role in a woman’s sexual desire. Women are good at adapting sexuality to the local norms amid different situation as their sexual urges and craving are not as strong as men. It’s always known that women sexual turn-ons are more complicated than men.

The social and cultural factors also determine a woman sexual drive. They usually take a less direct route to sexual satisfaction. Women do not necessarily experience the same progression of excitement and orgasm than men do.

It is important to educate women and give them permission to experience the ways in which she would like to feel pleasurable. There are some causes that can lead to a loss in sexual drive of a women like relationship issues, sociocultural influences, low testosterone and medical problems too. A partner’s performance problem and lack of emotional satisfaction in their relations can decrease sexual desire. Stress from working and peer stress are also some reasons. Medical problems such as mental illness are some conditions which can impact a woman’s sexual drive both mentally and physically.

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