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Is Foreplay brfore Sex necessary?

Foreplay is a sexual activity that both partners indulge in before sexual intercourse. But foreplay d

Types of Happy Hormones

Hormones are chemicals secreted by the glands serving different purposes across the body parts. The h

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“Did you ever think that orgasm can be a source of various health benefits other than just a pleasu

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

The connection between erectile dysfunction and diabetes looks strange at first sight and thought. Un

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The problems of the bedroom have paved the way in your professional life. Unfortunately, the topic is

How mental health can affect the sexual pleasure?

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Oligospermia – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The decrease in sperm concentration in semen below the standard level (15 million per milliliter) is

Cause of erectile dysfunction in the 30s

Often, we have heard that erectile dysfunction is a common problem as men climb the agestairs. Little

How to increase female libido instantly

Low libido is low sex desire, which is common in both males and females. Sexual desire may vary depen

Types of erectile dysfunction and how to cure it

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is not able to achieve or maintain an erection for sex

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