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Sex Drive – What is normal and how to increase it

“Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing in relation to sexual

How Does Menopause Affect Sexual Function

Menopause is defined as absence of periods in 12 months and afterwards. Sex after menopause is not th

Psychological Issues That Can Cause Sexual Problems

Sexual impotency is common in people having psychological problems and healthy sexual function is one

After pregnancy sex is good or bad?

After delivering a baby the body is still in pain, there are hormonal changes, changes in body shape,

High cholesterol level – A Cause of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

We all know the impact of high cholesterol level on heart health. Little did we know the impact of hi

Why ayurvedic treatment is effective in sexual problem ?

There are many who are suffering from sexual problems and this affects their quality of life. Some se

How the use of gadgets affecting our relationship?

In this rapidly changing world how we are conducting ourselves in business, education, and in general

Conditions that affect your sexual ability

There are many things which can impact a man’s sex life. Stress and certain chronic conditions can

Psychological effect on relationship due to less sexual intercourse

With the awareness in sexual health care there is not much increase in people admitting they have sex

Perfect Sexual intercourse guarantees Strong Mental Health

Everyone knows and has heard about the physical benefits of having sex. It helps the immune system. I

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