Reasons Why Sex Is Good During Winters

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Reasons Why Sex Is Good During Winters

Reasons Why Sex Is Good During Winters

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We all have experienced the change in mood with seasonal changes or may be a change in weather drastically affects our mood and emotions and with changes in mood and emotions there is a change in sexual drive. 

Sexual life is an essential part of marriage and have you ever noticed the changes in frequency or interest in sexual activities with change in weather. 

sex during winters
sex during winters

Winter being a season of laziness we keep our body warm against the cold weather. The season brings with itself a decrease in sexual activity and this diminishes in the entire winter season.

There are various benefits of having sex in the cold months. Here we shall discuss about the reasons why sex is good during the winters

– Indulging in sexual intercourse releases the hormone endorphins. This is also called the hormone of happiness. The endorphins reach the maximum level during orgasm and this makes the couple feel happy about the sex. Sex during winters can help the couple fight the winter affected moods and emotions.

– Winter makes the person vulnerable to stress and anxiety. According to the studies sexual intercourse during winters reduces the stress and anxiety and is a great way of getting rid of tension.

– Men seem to have more sexual desire during the winter months than the rest of the months.

-Sex during winters enhances the immune system. With the change in season the body is exposed to sudden change. We all know that winter gives us the cough and cold and indulging in sex can prevent the body from getting sick and keeps the cold and flu at bay.

-If the couple wants to achieve pregnancy then winter is the most favorable season of the year. Winter increases the sperm count and increases the desire to have sex.

-Winter cuddle increases the hormone oxytocin also known as love hormone. The hormone helps in strengthening the bond and makes the relationship stronger. It releases the tension and makes the bond between the couple stronger.

-The couples are more attracted towards each other. It might be due to the cold winter breeze that makes the couple come closer, feel cozy and thus resulting in sexual attraction.

-It is scientifically proven that women wearing socks in bed have a higher rate of achieving orgasm. Keeping the partner warm and cuddling along with it enhances the sexual attraction.

-It gives you a better sleep. Having sex before sleeping secretes chemicals called serotonin and opioids. These make you feel relaxed and drowsy and thus induces sleep.

-Winter is the best time for a couple to conceive as it is this season when the sperm ejaculates better.

Wrapped in all the layers of clothes the winter is a season when there is an increase in sexual desire. Winter sex is beneficial as it increases the sexual desire, makes you more fertile by increasing the sperm count, gives you better sleep, combats stress, is a natural energy booster, makes the bond stronger etc are some of the benefits of having sex during winters.

You can enhance the enjoyment of winter sex by adding foods such as almonds, walnuts, eggs, dark chocolates etc in your diet.

With various benefits of having sex during winters no wonder the nights are longer than the days from November to February. Summers come with sweat and light clothes whereas winter makes you feel cozy with the soft layers of woolen clothes and blankets. Thus, all these explain why sex is good during winters.

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