Sex during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage

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Sex during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage

Sex during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage

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Pregnancy comes with lots of ‘Dos’ and ‘Donts’. For most of the women there is a question if sex during pregnancy is safe and if you are the one amongst them then this article will help you know more about the sexual activity during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman undergoes sensory changes, physical changes, changes in circulatory system, metabolic changes and hormonal changes. The result of unleashed hormones during pregnancy is reflected through physiological and emotional changes in a pregnant woman.

The changes in hormones can make a woman crave for sex but there is a big question if it is safe or not. Well, according to the research having sex during pregnancy is absolutely normal unless your doctor advises you against it. Many of them hesitate to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy thinking it will cause miscarriage or early labor. These beliefs are not based on any scientific evidence.

Let us understand what causes miscarriage before we proceed to know how sex is safe during pregnancy

Miscarriage is a term used for spontaneous loss of pregnancy that occurs in the first trimester. More than half the cases of miscarriage are due to abnormal chromosomes. Other contributing factors are maternal age, diabetes, fibroids and poor lifestyle etc. Thus, sexual intercourse is not responsible for miscarriage.

Sex is absolutely safe and normal during pregnancy and it does not cause any harm to the baby as the baby is protected by a cushion of amniotic fluid and the wall of uterus. During the sexual intercourse penetration occurs in the vagina and has no effect on the uterus at all.

Things to know before having sex in pregnancy

If you are planning to have sex during pregnancy then it is important to make sure that there are no complications in pregnancy. As any complications in the present or in the past can have adverse effect of sex during pregnancy. 

There are certain situations when one must avoid sex during pregnancy

Depending upon the past history of pregnancy sexual intercourse is not always safe when you are pregnant. 

If you are carrying more than one baby it is better not to have sex. Any miscarriage in the past or any delivery of premature baby or when the placenta lies low in the uterus are the situations when one must avoid having sex. 

If you are scared of having sex during pregnancy it is better to talk or consult a healthcare professional. Sexual relationship is an important part of married life and it helps you to connect better with your partner. Some women are not comfortable with sexual intercourse during pregnancy which is also okay and there are some who find more pleasure in having sex during pregnancy. 


Sex is absolutely safe during pregnancy and is not a matter of concern. If you are pregnant and want to have sex with your partner but worried or nervous if it may harm the baby then consult your health care provider as it is normal to have a sexual desire. Your healthcare provider can help you clear your doubts and advise you the correct positions for sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

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