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Tips to spice your sexual life

Tips to spice your sexual life

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Sexual life is the most important part in the life of the couples. As the time passes the sexual activity between the couples fades away. The decline in sexual activity may be due to age factor or hormonal changes or there might be lack of intimacy leading to poor sexual relation. 

If things get boring between the two in the bed it is then time to add some spice in your life. Here we shall help you with the tips that can make your bed life interesting as boredom can kill the bond with your partner.

The way of indulging into a sexual activity and the feeling of pleasure underneath the sheets varies from person to person. Continuing the same style of sex for long can be boring and the couple may lose the excitement with time.

If you are the one who is lacking the excitement and intimacy in bed then don’t worry you are not alone. The excitement fades away with time and there is a lack of intimacy between the couples. A healthy sexual life in a relationship helps in making the bond stronger between the partners. So sexual life must be prioritized and given utmost importance. 

In this article we shall discuss the tips that can help you spice your sexual life.

1.Plan a date and do the things that you would do when you are in love. Doing all these again can spark your sexual life and can develop intimacy between the two.

2.Getting into the same room on the same bed can be boring. Then why not change the location. Having sexual activity in other parts of the house can be something new and keep your sexual life on the toes.

3.Make a list of things that you fantasize with your partner. Making a list can be lot of fun for both and it also helps both the partners to focus on the things that gives them pleasure in the bed.

4.According to the sexologist the couples can ignite the pleasure by having fun with each other which not necessarily be a sexual activity. 

5.Sending some intimate texts to your partner can act as a spice in your bed life. Or you can also surprise him/her by sending an invitation and a to-do list. It is fun and makes a person feel special and wanted.

6.Go slow in bed as it will help you concentrate on the touch and moves and this helps in making the connection stronger.

7.Try a movie date in your house. Watching some romantic movies with your partner can create a spark in your bed beneath the sheets.

8.Get some new ways or new positions to have sexual intercourse. It is the easiest and effective way to make the bed life more interesting.

9.Ask what your man or woman wants that can satisfy him/her in the bed. It can work for some and soon you will discover how much enjoyable it can be for both of you.

10.Playing with chocolates or honey or any favorite flavors can enhance the sexual desire and spice up the activities underneath the sheets. 

11.If there are any sexual disorders, talking to your partner can ease your sex life and seeking medical help improves the satisfaction.

After trying all the mentioned methods, if you think you are still lacking the spark in your married life then seek help from sex therapist. The sex therapist can help you revive the passion and intimacy that is required in a healthy married life and also helps in building the bond stronger. Thus, with a clear communication with your partner and using the right methods can certainly ignite your bed life.

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