Type Of Sexual Dysfunctions In Men And Women

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Type Of Sexual Dysfunctions In Men And Women

Type Of Sexual Dysfunctions In Men And Women

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sexual dysfunction in men

Sexual dysfunction is a condition that arises due to physical or mental issues. Any kind of problem whether it is psychological or physiological when interferes with healthy sexual activity causes sexual dysfunction.

Healthy sexual relationship is an important part of married life. The hormones released from sexual intimacy or sexual activity makes the couple happy and satisfied. 

sexual dysfunction in men

Sexual disorder is common to both men and women and the problem seems to occur more after crossing the age of 40. The ratio of men and women is approximately the same when it comes to sexual dysfunctions.

People find it difficult to talk about the sexual problems they are going through and often hesitate to make a visit to the health care provider. It is important to know that there are treatments available for most of the sexual disorders, the only thing required is treatment on time.

Sexual dysfunctions arise from various causes that include both physical and mental health.

Diseases such as diabetes, diseases related to heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, chronic kidney disease, hypertension etc are some of the common causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

The mentioned diseases have a direct and indirect impact on the sexual activity in a person. The medicines used for the treatment of the above diseases have side effects resulting in adverse effects on sexual activity and function. 

Lifestyle habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking and use of illicit drugs also cause problems in sexual activity. 

Brain is called the main sex organ in human body and all kind of sexual desire and other feelings arises from brain. Psychological problems such as stress, depression, problem in relationship, anxiety, body image issue, any past trauma etc have a negative impact on sexual function in the couple.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Healthy sexual relationship determines the happiness and well-being of a married life. 

Sexual problems in both men and women are mainly categorized into four sections i.e desire, arousal, orgasm and pain disorders. 

Desire or low libido

The first step is having a desire or thought of sexual activity. If the person lacks the interest to have sex and when such lack of interest becomes chronic it is diagnosed as low libido. The problem may develop after a few years of healthy sexual life or the problem was always there.

In men the low level of testosterone causes low libido whereas in women problems such as menopause, hormonal imbalance after giving birth and low level of estrogen hormone results in low sex drive.

Common causes of low libido in both men and women include advancing age, hypertension, high blood sugar level, age factor, depression, stress, anxiety etc.

Problem in sexual arousal

Without sexual arousal it is difficult to indulge into sexual activity. With the lack of arousal, the sexual intercourse becomes painful and unsatisfying. The person is diagnosed with sexual arousal disorder when the sexual stimulation does not cause any sensation in the genitals or there is an existence of no sexual excitement. 

The sign includes erectile dysfunction in males and the lack of lubrication in female genitals.

Problems related to sexual arousal may arise due to menopause, infection in the vagina, thickening of the blood vessels, obesity, hypertension etc.

Orgasm dysfunction

The individual is not able to achieve orgasm or either he achieves it late. Premature ejaculation is the most common orgasm dysfunction in men. 

Ejaculation disorder is of 3 types- early ejaculation or premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

Problems such as low self-esteem, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress, certain medication, alcoholism, injury in the spinal cord etc are the most common cause of orgasm dysfunction.

Pain during sexual intercourse

Pain associated with any phase of sexual activity turns the pleasure into distress. It affects the emotions of both the partners. Pain during sexual intercourse is more common in women than men.

The possible causes of pain are muscle spasm of the vagina, side effects of certain medicines, damage to the penis, hormonal changes, chronic pain in the pelvic region, chronic prostatitis etc.

In males the painful erection persists for a couple of hours and is caused due to trapped blood in the penis. The condition is known as priapism. If the problem is not cured on time it can lead to loss of erectile function.

How to know if you are suffering from sexual dysfunction

The signs and symptoms of sexual dysfunction depends upon the cause and type of the dysfunction. 

The common symptoms in men and women include low sex drive, difficulty in getting aroused and pain during sexual intercourse. 

In men the problem of not being able to achieve erection, delayed and early ejaculation and premature ejaculation are the associated signs of sexual dysfunction in men.

In women the problem of dry vagina, not being able to achieve orgasm, pain during sexual intercourse due to any cause or inflammation in the genital area is the sign of sexual dysfunction in males.

A generalized physical examination, any history of illness and symptoms observed by the health care provider helps in diagnosing the sexual dysfunction. At times examining the sexual intercourse will reveal some serious underlying health risks.

Treatment for sexual dysfunction

There are various treatments available for sexual dysfunction in men and women depending upon the cause and severity.

Treatment includes counseling from psychiatrist for mental issues, hormonal therapy, injections or other medical therapy for erectile dysfunction and laser therapy that helps in relieving pain during sexual intercourse and improves the muscles of the vagina.

There are herbal based products that are also known to treat various sexual dysfunctions with no side effects and are result oriented. Many men and women have benefited from the use of authentic herbal medicines. 


If you think you are avoiding sexual intercourse or your partner is avoiding, it is better to talk and take help or support your partner. Incase if you are under certain medications that cause sexual disorders talk to your healthcare provider, change in medicines might solve the issue. Sexual dysfunction is a sensitive issue and most of the sexual dysfunctions can be resolved or cured.

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