Warning signs that you have a low testosterone level

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Warning signs that you have a low testosterone level

Warning signs that you have a low testosterone level

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When speaking about testosterone levels we directly associate it with men. As it is directly linked to puberty in males. Testosterone affects many different parts of the body from metabolism to cognitive function. Due to the low levels of testosterone in men, a man become infertile.

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Some noted noticeable symptoms of low testosterone are depression, fatigue, and low libido. In less noticeable way, low levels of testosterone can affect your bones, heart, brain and body fat. Blood test is a viable source from where you can diagnose yourself of low or high testosterone.

Low level of testosterone reduces the mass of the bones. This can be seen when your bones get thinner and fractures are the symptoms. Diseases like heart attack or stroke are also the result of low levels of testosterone. If a person is having diabetes and he or she finds that there’s a pain in the nerve and numbness is getting worse day by day. That is a possibility of having a low testosterone.

With low testosterone there is dryness of the skin and the skin condition which is known as psoriasis, get worse.

Overweight in men is also the result of low testosterone levels. If a person is on a diet or is exercising, and after all these efforts, he wonders that why he’s unable to lose the excess weight which sticks around him can also be the reason of testosterone.

With the decrease in the level of testosterone there is a downfall in the man’s memory and cognitive ability. There is decreases of testosterone hormone with advancing age of men.

It also plays a vital role in libido. Low testosterone levels greatly reduce the desire to have sex. If there is no change in your sex drive, but you notice that the output of your semen is low than before, this could be the result of declining volume of your semen.

The most common sign of low level of testosterone can be seen in maintaining an erection. When a man experiences low testosterone, there is a change in the chemical reaction from his body to the brain and therefore having an erection becomes very difficult. But we cannot blame testosterone as a driving force behind less erections.

Your health problems can also contribute to less erection. If there is any sign of a reduced size of your testicular, then you’re probably suffering from low testosterone levels. There is also a change in the texture of scrotum. Nowadays, people get tired day by day, but if a person having 7 to 8 hours of sleep and still feel fatigue, then it might be the result of low testosterone level. If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle habit and still, you’re having trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep, low testosterone could be the reason of your uneasiness.

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