What is an average sex time in India and how do you last longer in bed?

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What is an average sex time in India and how do you last longer in bed?

What is an average sex time in India and how do you last longer in bed?

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“Okay!! Firstly, don’t feel ashamed about searching this topic. Healthy sexual intercourse is a human desire and there is nothing wrong if you want to know any aspects of it.” 

Sex time can be defined as the time interval between the penetration of the penis in the vagina up to the time of ejaculation. Or how long a man can hold the erection can indicate sex time. Before knowing the sex time it is important to know the revolving causes and factors that may differentiate the sex time in every individual. 

Just as sunrise time differs with geographical location, weather, and pollution in the same way various factors can affect sex time.

According to the studies a man can hold an erection from a few minutes to half an hour. As various factors determine sex time –

  • Sex time may depend on an individual’s definition of sex
  • Some people may need quick aggressive sex whereas some may prefer the other way
  • Advancing age delays the time of arousal, this affects achieving/maintaining erection and the hormonal changes can cause vaginal dryness and decrease sexual desire
  • Genital shape may also determine the sex time 
  • Any sexual problems such as premature/delayed ejaculation affect the sex time
  • Any health problems or medication can interfere with sex and sex time

“What factors affect erection is well understood but how does erection occur? What changes in the body leads to erection?”

Understanding this can help you connect sexual problems with an overall health condition. With sexual arousal, there is dilation of the blood vessels in the penis. As a result, the blood vessels and tissues in the penis are filled with blood resulting in an erection. The penis return to its normal shape after ejaculation as the excess blood is drained back. The erection is maintained as long as extra blood remains in the penile tissue and blood vessels.

Depending on this the average sex time of Indian men varies between 3-5 minutes. This may differ also there is no need to bother if your health is okay and your partner does not have any problem. One can always consult a sexologist to shorten or lengthen the sex time.

To lengthen the sex time is the most common concern in couples. Hence, we shall discuss here the methods that can help a couple last longer in bed.

All of us at some point in time feel hopeless when things do not work out the way we wanted. When unsatisfied bed life continues for a long time, the sign and symptoms appear in the couple’s relationship.

Ways to last longer in bed

Strengthen the pelvic muscles

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help you control the time of ejaculation and increase your bedtime. Studies have shown the effectiveness of various exercises (eg Kegels) on premature/delayed ejaculation.

A stop-start technique or edging

The time you feel you are close to ejaculation stop all sexual activities. After letting the feeling pass you and your partner can again start with sexual activity. 

Squeeze technique

Pinching the end of the penis for several seconds till the feeling of ejaculation subsides can help a man last longer in bed and a couple can enjoy the long sexual play.

Try a position that can help you last longer

Sex positions can affect sex time. Trying out sexual positions that restrict the in and out movement can increase the sex time.

Masturbate before encounter 

It is one of the simple and useful techniques to tackle premature ejaculation. Masturbating two hours before a sexual encounter can help last longer in bed.

Stop at the right time

Stop your partner when he is about to ejaculate. With constant practice, this can help your man control ejaculation time and last longer than usual.

Open communication with partner

Let your partner know what you want and share your feelings of frustration and hopefulness. This can help look out for the ways to long last in bed. 

Use on condoms

Using condoms decreases the sensitivity and this can help delay ejaculation with more time for sexual activity and foreplay. 

It is not uncommon for men to ejaculate earlier than they want. Apart from affecting sex life it also affects personal relationships. Fortunately, many proven methods can help increase sex time and enjoy the bed life.

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