What Is Nocturnal Emission And How To Cure It?

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What Is Nocturnal Emission And How To Cure It?

What Is Nocturnal Emission And How To Cure It?

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erectile dysfunction

The involuntary ejaculation of semen while the person is asleep is called nocturnal emission. It normally occurs during late night or early morning. 

erectile dysfunction

The problem arises due to weak nerves and muscles of the penis which might be a result of excessive masturbation, imbalanced hormones etc. 

Every man has experienced night fall and it is normal unless and until the problem becomes frequent. The frequent night fall results in sleep disturbance, pain in the knees, stress, erectile dysfunction etc.

The nocturnal emission or night fall frequency varies from person to person. It is majorly found in adults which may stay temporarily or can be a permanent problem. 

What can be the cause of nocturnal emission

There are various reasons why night falls occur. 

-After puberty having sex related dreams can cause night fall.

-Being sexually inactive also causes night fall because the sperm production by the testicles need to be eliminated from the body.

-Problem in penile nerves and penile muscles.

Possible symptoms of nocturnal emission

Night fall problem is of concern when it is associated with symptoms such as pain in the genitals, inflammation of the prostate glands, ejaculation disorder (retrograde), offensive smell and irritation while urinating etc.

Why there is a need to cure nocturnal emission

Although nocturnal emission may be normal but due to the associated side effects it is important to cure night fall. As it comes with stress and sleep disturbance. Frequent episodes of nocturnal emission can affect the sperm parameters and damage the genitals. 

The best way to cure night fall is following a balanced diet. As it is known that certain types of foods tend to stimulate the sexual desire in men. 

Cure for nocturnal emission

1.Destress yourself

Meditation helps you to relieve stress and this prevents night fall and gives a sound sleep. Certain herbs and spices such as basil leaves, German Chamolile etc have a calming effect and this helps in relaxing the body.

2.Eat foods with aphrodisiac properties

Consume foods that strengthen the reproductive system. These are beneficial in improving the sexual desire, releases tension and controls nocturnal emission. Intake of such foods before sleep benefits in relieving stress.

3.Take cold shower 

Taking a cold shower before sleep relaxes the genitals and reduces the genital sensitivity thus preventing the night fall.

4.Almond milk

Almond milk is a natural tonic for good sleep. It is rich in antioxidants and this helps in relaxing the muscles and is the best way to induce sleep and prevent nocturnal emission.

5.Other common herbs that are usually found in Indian kitchens include fenugreek, honey, onion, bottle gourd and yogurt. All these have a curing effect on nocturnal emission.

6.Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods increase the body temperature and might cause night fall. 


Night fall is usually considered normal but when it negatively impacts the overall health then one must consult the experts for immediate treatment of the problem. The problem is treatable with natural ways causing no side effects.

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