What Is Sexual Dysfunction and What Are the Common Symptoms

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What Is Sexual Dysfunction and What Are the Common Symptoms

What Is Sexual Dysfunction and What Are the Common Symptoms

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sexual dysfunction in men

The physiological and psychological both factors alone or together results in sexual dysfunction in men. The inability of a man to perform sexual intercourse due to any reason is known as sexual dysfunction.

Among the few factors, a healthy sexual intercourse is one of the components that makes a marriage life happy and is an integral part of it.

sexual dysfunction in men

A healthy sexual intercourse is a result of a healthy mind and healthy body, and the brain plays a critical role thus is one of the important sexual organs. 

Having a sexual problem is common but when it causes stress and disappointment to the level that you seek help from a healthcare professional, it is then a sexual dysfunction.

It is not uncommon to see infertility in the couples due to sexual dysfunction in men. But the problem is men do not speak up and tend to hide it unless they need medical intervention. It is important to understand that sexual dysfunction is common these days and is a treatable issue.

Categorization of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction may arise due to low libido, erection disorder, ejaculation problem or inability to achieve orgasm. 

-The inability to get aroused in a sexual activity is arousal disorder and erectile dysfunction is the most common of it. 

-Delayed ejaculation or absence of orgasm is a result of hormonal changes, stress etc.

-Pain during sexual intercourse occurs due to underlying physiological causes such as inflammation etc.

-Low sexual desire may occur due to hormonal changes or habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Depending upon the type of sexual dysfunction some of the common symptoms are as follows –

  • Not able to have or maintain erection required for sexual intercourse.
  • Ejaculation problem such as delayed ejaculation, absence of ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation into the bladder.
  • Not being able to control the timing of ejaculation. The semen may be released earlier or soon after ejaculation.
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse.
  • Low sexual desire due to hormone deficiency.
  • Presence of blood in semen. It might be scary to see this but resolves with time or by consulting the doctor.
  • Not being able to reach orgasm despite arousal and stimulation.

Among all the mentioned symptoms, erectile dysfunction is the most common. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are not able to maintain the firmness required for sexual intercourse. It may be a result of heart disease and can affect mental health by causing depression, low self-esteem and stress in both the partners. 

Let us understand how a normal erection works. When there is sexual arousal the brain secretes hormones that increase the blood supply to the male sex organs. The blood rushes in the muscle tissue and beneath it in the penis.

The pressure of the blood is responsible for causing erection in the penis. And during orgasm the blood returns back to the circulatory system, contracts the penis and thus ejaculation occurs.

So, by knowing the physiology of erection we can say that anything that causes hindrance in blood circulation can cause erectile dysfunction.

Several male sexual dysfunctions are treatable and that too without invasion. The application of herbal based oil, cream or gels improves blood circulation in the genital area and enhances the sexual health in men.             

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