What sexual problems do overweight men face?

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What sexual problems do overweight men face?

What sexual problems do overweight men face?

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A person is categorized as obese or overweight based on body mass index. When body mass index (BMI) is more than 25-29.9 kg per meter square the person is overweight and if >= 30 kg per meter square then an individual is diagnosed with obesity. Obesity/overweight and high waistline are epidemic conditions. 

Being overweight and obese are risk factors for various diseases. Hence it is a public health concern that also impacts the sexual function of men and women. Unfortunately, the effect of obesity on sexual function is not much talked about. 

The sexual problem in men commonly include –

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Orgasm problem
  • Low sexual desire
  • No satisfaction after intercourse

Based on various studies, we shall discuss the sexual problems faced by overweight men. Obesity/overweight leading to poor physical health affects sexual activity in men. 

Health problems due to obesity that affects sexual function in men –

  • High blood sugar level
  • Heart problems 
  • High cholesterol level
  • Joint inflammation 

Let us first understand how obesity or being overweight results in sexual problems. 

Excess fat deposition in the body may result in mental health problems, sleep disturbance, inflammation, problems related to blood vessels, hormonal imbalance, etc. The hormonal imbalance especially changes in sex hormone i.e testosterone causes sexual problems in males. Low testosterone due to obesity is linked to sexual problems in males. 

Erectile dysfunction due to obesity/overweight

It is one of the most common sexual problems due to obesity. This can lead to low sexual desire and other sexual problems.

Excess fat deposition in the body can have a damaging effect on the blood vessels. Damage to blood vessels due to diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, etc can affect the blood vessels and tissues around the male genitals. 

Obese and overweight men usually have high cholesterol. Deposition of cholesterol on blood vessels can harden the walls of the blood vessels leading the blood flow under high pressure. This can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Obesity in men increases the chances of the development of other health problems, especially diabetes. 

According to the studies, more than half of the men population suffering from diabetes have erectile dysfunction. The damage to blood vessels impairs the blood supply to the penis and this causes ED in men. Obese men are twice vulnerable to erectile dysfunction when compared to men with normal body mass index. 

Obesity and imbalance of male sex hormones

Obesity lowers the male sex hormones (testosterone). Testosterone is the main sex hormone in males which gives the masculine nature to men. The hormone results in a heavy voice, strong bones, sperm production, development of male sex hormones, sexual desire, etc. 

The male sex hormone is affected by excess fat deposition in the body. There is a reduction in the level of male sex hormones. But even if the male hormone is normal and the man is obese, it can cause sexual problems in males. A slight weight reduction can have a significant effect on sexual health. 

Obesity, prostate enlargement, and sexual problems

Prostate enlargement is common in older obese people. Men with abdominal fat are more likely to have prostate enlargement and this causes sexual problems in males. 

Obesity and low sex drive 

Excess body weight can significantly affect your sex drive. Your body weight affects your interest in sexual activity and also your performance. Obesity or being overweight can more likely disturb your sexual activity and this makes you feel cautious. To sum up, all these factors can gradually lead to low libido.

Obesity and lack of satisfaction after intercourse

Too much fat in the body can have a compressive effect on blood vessels which can narrow the blood supply to the genitals. Due to insufficient blood supply to the genitals, one may not feel full pleasure or satisfaction even after sexual intercourse.

Can weight management help manage sexual problems in males?

With the rise in obesity, there is an increase in sexual problems in males. From various sources and studies, it is evident that excess fats in the body can adversely affect sexual function in men. An effort to lose weight can help overcome sexual problems in males. 

Even a slight decrease in weight can have a significant effect on the sexual health of an individual. It can be one of the best ways to restore sexual health and manage other health issues. 

Some natural remedies for obesity-related sexual problems in males 

A proper diet 

A diet rich in nutrients can help manage weight and improve sexual function in men. As per studies and research, a healthy diet is known to reduce the sexual problem in males. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts in your diet. Such foods can help prevent diseases, manage to undergo current health problems, and improve sexual health conditions. 

Stay active 

Keeping yourself active or when you keep moving, improves the blood circulation to the genitals, improves male sex hormones, and manages any tension or stress. 

Good sleep is important 

Lack of sleep can adversely impact your physical and mental health. Which then affects the sexual health of men. Men with chronic sleep problems are reported to suffer from sexual health problems, especially erectile dysfunction. Insufficient sleep lowers the male sex hormone. Getting a good sleep of 7-8 hours can improve sexual problems in males.

Weight management

Weight loss or weight management is one of the most important methods to overcome sexual problems and health issues related to obesity and overweight. If excess weight is causing sexual problems then consulting a dietician can easily help you with your bed life issues. 

Limit or quit alcohol and smoking

Alcohol consumption can affect your sexual desire and smoking can harm blood vessels. Alcohol-dependent men are at high risk of developing sexual problems. Men who smoke have erection problems due to damage to blood vessels. Setting a limitation or quitting can help men recover from sexual health issues. 

To wrap up

Obesity and overweight can give rise to various health problems. Watching your weight and waist circumference is the best way to manage your overall health condition. Losing weight to a healthy level can majorly improve the sexual problems in males.


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