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"Many claim to increase the penis size with a number of methods. Do they really work? The article makes an effort to throw light on how effective the methods are and the associated side effects."

The market is full of information and products that can increase the size of penis. Many of such products can do harm so think before you make your mind. According to the experts (urologists) it is only a few out of many that might work.

The size of the penis differs from man to man and depends upon the genes as well. The length of the penis and it's thickness is a concern for many men of all ages

What should be the normal size of my penis

If you think you have a short penis, there are chances that the size is normal as there are some men who are concerned about the size of the penis even though they have a normal size. There is a fear in them not being able to satisfy their partner and with this guilt they assume to have a small sized penis.

The normal size of the penis is more than equal to five inches when erect whereas a size less than 3 inches on erection is abnormal. The abnormal size of penis is termed as micro penis. Some might have a size more than normal and some would be shorter than abnormal when erect.

What are the reasons for men to have penis enlargement

The reasons for penis enlargement may be medical issues such as fertility or the negative emotions that impact mental health.

There are situations where some men genetically have small penises. Men with small penises not only have difficulty in sexual intercourse but also there is a problem in directing the urine stream.

What are the medical conditions that result in reduced size of penis

  • 'Obesity', the leading health issue, causes buried penis due to the excess pelvic fat.
  • Prostate cancer surgery results in reduced penis size.
  • The disease named Peyronie's disease causes abnormal bend and reduced penis size and painful erection.

What are the measures available in the market? What works and what might not work

Some of the available products in the market that assures penis enlargement can damage the penis.

Vacuum pumps work by maximising blood flow in the penis thus making it enlarged temporarily. Using it can damage the penis and will affect the erection.

The herbal lotions are effective but some may be harmful. Pills that claim to augment the size may or maynot work out.

Massage with authentic medicated herbal oil appears safe for the augmentation of penis size and has shown positive results in some men.

Surgical method for increasing the size and girth of penis

Increasing the size of the penis through surgery can make a difference in size. It might have risk such as no sensation, uncomfortable sex etc. Surgery is also done to increase the girth by implanting silicone under the penis skin.

With all said, choose the right!!

If you have penis size less than normal then visit the health care provider. Your healthcare provider is the most reliable source to resolve the issues related to penis size. It will help you release your stress and you will surely find the best medication for penis enlargement.

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