"Sexologist"- A qualified health care professional who treats sexual problems in males and females.

Sexual problems are not much talked about in our society. The fear of what people will say, the guilt etc holds back the person. As a result by the time they reach for help it becomes tough for the patient and the doctor to resolve the issue. Most of the times the couple or an individual comes out for help when they come across the fertility issue.

Why the sexual issues are increasing

The pollution, work environment, work stress, food habits, alcohol and smoking, late night hangout, less sleep, sleep disturbance, hormonal imbalance, competition etc have adversely affected the quality and quantity of sexual life. All these factors lead to sexual dysfunction and increase the rate of infertility.

When should you meet sex specialist

If you think you are having sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual desire etc or anything that is hampering your sexual life, then now is the time to consult the sex specialist in Delhi. The sexologist helps you to overcome the issue with medicines and proper diet plan.

Since the sexual dysfunctions and sexual issues are totally treatable, it is better to leave all your worries to the sexologists.

Why to consult a sexologist

There are experienced and highly qualified sexologists in Delhi. The sex specialist have a deep knowledge of sexual dysfunction and sexual behaviours in human. The treatment involves not only medicines but it builds confidence and enhances the capability of the man to have a happy life ahead.

The common issues that sexologist comes across

Some of the common sexual issues are low sex desire, premature ejaculation, pain during sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction, inactive sex life etc.

How do sex specialists work

  • Sexologists study the sexual history of the couple or an individual and depending upon the need of the patient further approach of counselling and session is designed.
  • Stress management is one of the key factors to improve the sexual life. Going for a walk, choosing a good diet can help to reduce stress level.
  • The result of sex specialists in Delhi NCR is quite positive. Couples and individuals are satisfied and confident enough to know their sexual needs. The outcome is more positive if the clients are cooperative.
  • The sex specialists in Delhi are highly qualified to handle the sexual dysfunction and aim towards preventing any health issues related to sexual intercourse. The sexual issues in men is a matter of concern that should be talked about more and more, by the healthcare professionals. The sexologist in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad are some of the experts that are working hard to address the issue in public.

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