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A person's sexual health depends upon the physical and mental health of the person. Thus any problem that results in dissatisfying sexual intercourse is sexual dysfunction.

Sexual health is one of the most important parts in a couple's life. It is common to come across sexual problems in males. The problem is treatable but one needs to approach the health care provider to discuss the issue. It might be a symptom of other underlying health issues.

What is sexual dysfunction

The inability to perform sexual intercourse and not being able to have a satisfactory sexual relationship with your partner due to any underlying cause is called sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction in male includes low sexual desire, erection disorder, problems related to ejaculation and not being able to achieve orgasm.

It can be categorised into four-

  • The problem of not being able to arouse during sexual activity is arousal disorder. Erectile dysfunction is the most common disorder of this kind.
  • Orgasm disorder - it includes absent or delayed orgasm. The causes may be low sexual desire, hormonal changes, stress, pain during intercourse etc.
  • Pain disorder is pain during sexual intercourse which may be due to inflammation of the prostate, damage to the penis etc
  • Desire disorder includes low or no interest in sex. It is mostly due to the low level of hormones and other causes may include medical conditions, relationship issues and mental illness.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

The causes may be hypertension, use of illicit drugs, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, heart diseases and certain chronic diseases.

Psychological causes such as anxiety, stress, depression, guilt etc can cause sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction treatment and its management depends upon the underlying cause.

  • The problem of sexual dysfunction is approached physically and psychologically.
  • If the person is under some medication and it results in sexual dysfunction then changing such medicines helps to resolve the problem. Any sexual issue due to hormonal imbalance is treatable with oral medicines, injections, gels etc.
  • Certain problems related to sexual intercourse can be overcome by counselling a sexologist. It has successful proven records and is worth going for.
  • Awareness and education about sexual dysfunction can help you overcome the anxiety.
  • Mechanical aids for erection can be used.
  • Hormonal therapy such as testosterone replacement is used.

Preventive measures of sexual dysfunction

Cultivating healthy habits such as not smoking, maintaining ideal body weight,consuming alcohol in limit, eating balanced diet and taking all the possible care to maintain and improve the overall health prevents you from sexual dysfunctions.

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